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5 reasons why you should study in Germany

Germany, is among the countries with the best economy globally, is home to many international students. It is also a land of many opportunities with a low unemployment rate, which means readily available jobs. It is a safe and beautiful country to live in too. Germany is a favorite study abroad destination due to its low cost of living, free tuition fees, exciting student life, fantastic nightlife, clean and beautiful cities, not forgetting a multicultural environment and great food. Education in Germany is also one of the best in the world, with world-class universities. 

Cheaper or No Tuition Fees in Public Universities

Did you know that Germany is the only top study abroad destination that doesn’t charge tuition fees? That’s right, universities in Germany, both public and private, do not charge tuition fees except for some states that have introduced tuition in the recent past. States like Badem-Wurtemberg charge a certain amount of tuition fees per semester. The tuition fees charged are still much lower than top study abroad destinations like the US and the UK charge. Apart from these, the tuition fee in all other universities in Germany is free.

However, other costs still exist for all international students studying in Germany. Administrative costs like student union fees, public transport costs, and student contribution fees apply to international students.

Students who decide to come to Germany to further their Education should also bear in mind that they will have to cater for their food and accommodation costs.

With such an excellent opportunity to live and study in one of the world’s most sought-after study abroad destinations, who wouldn’t want to take that chance? Even better at very low or no tuition fees in the more than three hundred institutions of higher learning in Germany

Top-Ranked Universities in The World

Most universities in Germany rank among the best universities in the world. More than three hundred higher learning institutions rank in the top 20 in Europe, and more than 40 of them rank among the top 100 institutions globally. Some of the most highly ranked institutions of higher learning in Germany are the Technical University of Munich, Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Heidelberg University, Karlsruhe University of Technology, and Humboldt University in Berlin. 

This is because of its high quality of Education. Earning a university degree in Germany will give you an upper hand when looking for jobs in your home country. You not only get to study for free or at a low cost but also have a chance to choose from the highest-ranked top universities in the world.

Germans believe that everyone deserves a chance at an affordable education. Most students say that they chose Germany as a study destination because of its universities that offer quality education and an affordable price. This belief is evident in the brilliant minds that go through the university system. Students who attend university in Germany also get to have hands-on experience while studying, so it’s not just theory but practicals. The students get to improve academically while enjoying the benefits of studying in well-equipped universities, equipped with the latest forms of technology. 

Travel Around Europe On A Student Visa

African students that aspire to study at a university in Germany must apply for a student visa. A student visa allows you to live and study in the best study abroad destination and gives you the chance to travel around some countries in Europe without any problems. 

Germany is a big country, but you can travel through different countries in a day as a traveler. For example, you can travel from Munich to the beautiful town of Austria called Salzburg, where you will experience most traveler’s dreams. 

While in Salzburg, you will get to see its baroque architecture, visit the world-famous Mozart house where you will get a chance to learn about Mozart’s history, visit the Salzburg Cathedral or visit the beautiful little Christmas markets during the Christmas period. Traveling between Germany and Austria is possible in less than 2 hours. With a whole day to spare, you could also access other countries like Hungary and Italy all within 24 hours.

 You could also visit Switzerland, the home to beautiful blue lakes, magnificent snow-capped Alps, and get a shot at experiencing the rich history of cities like Geneva and Zurich.

 Germany is a perfect study destination for students who want to explore and see what Europe offers.

It is even cheaper to travel through these countries as the most common mode of transport is by train. What better way to experience the life and culture in Europe than to attend university in Germany where you will get a chance to discover and explore.

Work Opportunities for International Students

After concluding your studies in Germany, you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to. The German government allows all international students to seek employment in their fields of study. Students have 18 months to secure a job because the government understands the contribution made by foreign nationals in their economic and social sectors. 

Students are also allowed to work part-time while undertaking their studies. Working part-time is a chance for students to understand how the system works and an opportunity to put their skills to use while interacting with the locals. Students can also choose to study or intern in the numerous companies in the country. After the internship, students may choose to work for the same companies or settle on a new company. It’s a win-win situation because you get a wholesome degree and a job.

Germany is a leading economic power, and jobs are easy to find for foreign graduates. Companies like BMW, AUDI, and Adidas are always ready to take in fresh graduates from German universities. Having a degree from a higher institution in Germany is the best decision any student could make because it increases your chances of being part of one of the world’s most growing economies.

Offering no tuition fees is one way of attracting the most brilliant mind from all over the world, and allowing such students an opportunity to stay is beneficial.

Learn A New Language and Culture

German is the official language in Germany. However, you can still study in English since private universities offer their courses in English. Learning a new language is very interesting, and it’s an achievement when you can speak more than one language fluently. Learning to speak German is an added advantage since it opens up more chances of landing job opportunities during and after your studies. Most companies would go for graduates who can speak in their official language instead of graduates who cannot. 

Most African students take German classes to be able to converse freely. If you choose to study in a public university, you will have to take a German class and your course.

You will also get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures. Most of it will shock you, but you will get used to it with time. Germans are friendly people and like to help anyone who needs help, like finding their way around town. 

What’s more, most African students will be shocked to learn that Germans do take tea or coffee with cake or bread during their lunch breaks. You will quickly know that you don’t have to cook in the evening and that bread and sausages are enough for dinner. You will participate in the many fun festivals in your city of study, where you will interact with even more local people. 


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