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It doesn’t matter if you want to learn more about college life, want to have fun, or want to look back on your old school years. There are college films for everyone. Here are ten of the best films we’ve compiled for you that provide a comprehensive perspective on college life from a student’s perspective.

Old School

This 2003 film features an old friend from college who decides to relive his college years by opening a fraternity near where he graduated. They recruit a group of other non-traditional students while avoiding the expulsion of their current dean, who is angry with friends. The intervening actors are Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson, and Vince Vaughn. The themes covered in this film: The ups and downs of postgraduate life, the life of fraternities and sororities, university politics and party culture.

Revenge of a Blonde

This 2001 film shows that looks and sex aren’t everything and it takes hard work and determination to get into law school at one of the best schools. And the actors appearing in this romantic comedy film are Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, and Luke Wilson. The topics covered here are: the law faculty, the admission procedure to the school, and university internships.

Admitted at Any Cost

This 2006 comedy follows a group of high school students who are denied access to other universities and who create their own school, which ends up failing to meet accreditation standards. If you are rejected from college, don’t give up – there will always be a good school for you. You can also go to the establishment with the highest acceptance rate. You might be surprised! The actors taking place in this cinematic work are Justin Long, Blake Lively, and Jonah Hill. The themes covered in this film concern: university politics, the university admissions process, university group dynamics, campus life, as well as alternative universities.

The Hit Girls

This romantic musical features a group of female singers from a college opposing a group of rival singers. A new unpretentious recruit then gives himself the mission of helping the acapella group to restore its image in order to make a new identity. Released in 2012, this cinematic work features actors Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, and Brittany Snow. The themes covered in the film are student groups and student music groups.

Monsters University

Mike and Sulley become inseparable best friends when they go to college. They organize sports competitions together. Check out this guide on How to Deal with Your First Day of College, as it offers plenty of tips on how to cope with this exciting, but nerve-racking, time of your college career. This 2013 animation features actors Billy Crystal, John Goodman, and Steve Buscemiaborde. It covers the following themes: new university friendships, going back to university, campus life, fraternity and sorority life.

The Social Network

What starts off as a small and interesting project leads Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg to become a billionaire in just six years. But becoming someone who becomes a billionaire comes with enormous personal and legal responsibilities. This 2021 feature film is a biography and drama in which actors Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake take on the roles of the protagonists. The themes covered in this film revolve around: student entrepreneurship, computer programming, and the culture of Ivy League schools.

The Faces

They become frustrated when sportsmen make fun of them and no girl is interested in them. With their intelligence and ingenuity, they avenge themselves by putting their intelligence to work. This cinematic comedy released in 1984 is starring actors Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards and Timothy Busfield. And the themes covered in this film are: life in first year, fraternities and sororities, university cliques, university meetings as well as university friendships.

Fever at Columbus University

This John Singleton ensemble film stars actors Ice Cube, Jennifer Connelly, Omar Epps, and Laurence Fishburne in a diverse group of new Columbus University students.  A year after the film’s release in 1995, violence hit the theaters that were showing it, resulting in the deaths of two people. The conflicts that the characters experience on-screen are eerily similar to those faced by college students.

American Pie 2

In“American Pie 2, 2001’s” the second in the “American Pie” comedy series, friends meet on the beach the summer after college. This film was a big hit with high school and college students, and became one of the most successful film franchises of all time. The series launched the careers of Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan, among others.

Good Will Hunting

This Gus Van Sant film introduces a troubled young man, played by Matt Damon, who is a cleaner at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), after being released from prison. One day he turns out to be a mathematical genius and one of the professors at MIT tries to help him advance professionally. This film was a big hit in 1997.    Whether you are planning to go to college soon, want to look back on your school years, or are currently in college and want to let off steam with these top 10 student life movies will definitely help you find the inspiration you were lacking.

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