“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

COVID-19 has dramatically changed travel and holiday situations around the world. We have seen various governments place some measures in curbing the spread of the coronavirus. Some of the actions include a total lockdown, travel restrictions, and wearing masks while in public.  

However, the COVID-19 measures are slowly starting to ease following the production of vaccines and the fact that people have learned to co-exist with this deadly virus.


That said, let’s take a look at some tips for social distancing when you travel.

Consider Modes of Transportation

First things first, you want to travel for your holidays, so start by considering the safest transportation modes during the pandemic.

You can either fly, drive, or take a train to your holiday destinations. Every means of transportation poses a risk of not maintaining proper social distancing, especially when traveling via public means.

Therefore, if you have a chance not to use public transportation, go for it to maintain social distancing. For instance, you can self-drive yourself to your travel destinations.

Go to Travel Destinations or Hotels Following COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Don’t just visit any country or any other destinations without considering whether the places in question are following and abiding by COVID-19 safety guidelines set by their governments.

You can also choose your travel destination based on the low coronavirus cases or if it has a high recovery rate from the deadly virus.

Before booking a flight, train, or even a hotel, ask the operators about their commitment to meeting all COVID-19 measures such as wearing masks, regular hand washing, and maintaining social distancing.

Wear A Mask All the Time While in Public

This has become the world’s norm where you will find many people in public places wearing masks. It would be best if you also stuck to this rule of wearing your mask while in public to avoid contracting the coronavirus, an airborne and contact disease.

Visit Less Populated Places or Destinations

Always avoid gatherings or other tourist hot spots that are not abiding by the social distancing rule of about 6 feet (nearly 2 meters) away from one another.

Alternatively, consider vacationing in less popular destinations because their turnout will be low compared to the more popular destinations. Avoid most capital cities because they are always busy and go to the major cities’ outskirts.

Try Out More Outdoor Activities

One rule of maintaining social distancing is avoiding or staying away from people. And the best way to do this is to evade indoor activities like crowded restaurants and try out outdoor activities like hiking in the woods.

Go on Small Group Tours

The fewer people there are in your travel group tour or family, the more you will be able to maintain social distancing.

Another advantage of traveling in group tours ensures that almost everyone has been tested for the coronavirus. So, you can rest assured there is no possible way to put yourself at risk of contracting COVID-19 during your travels.


I bet you still want to have the freedom to travel to any destination in the world. You can do so by following all governments’ COVID-19 measures like maintaining social distancing, regularly washing hands, and wearing masks in public places. Prepare your gear, and be ready to travel amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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