“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

You don’t need to win a lottery to travel. And you don’t have to cough up more than you can afford for that student road trip. You don’t have to pack all of your belongings. You can explore the world for next to nothing with the following budgeting tricks. It’s a worthy read for international students planning a trip.
  • Plan Ahead

It would be best if you planned your journey in advance to avoid last-minute tickets since they usually cost more. The plan does not need to be detailed, but at the very least, get a rough idea of the areas you want to visit and buy tickets. You may have details on places to visit later when you have more free time. But for now, purchase tickets before they become too expensive.
  • Choose your destination wisely

It’s all about location! Most first-time travelers let the price of tickets decide, but that can be a mistake. The price of activities, accommodations, and transportation will give you a more realistic travel costs idea. If you decide on a destination for your vacation, you must take all costs into account.
  • Use public transport or walk around

You will quickly run out of money if you use taxis, Uber, and other similar ways. If you can utilize public transportation regularly, such as subways, trains, buses, etc., you should do so whenever possible. However, if you’re walking around in an unfamiliar area at night and feel unsafe, then grabbing a taxi might be the best thing to do.  
  • Sleep cheap

Avoid expensive hotel rooms and think outside the box. Check out a hostel, an Airbnb apartment, a homestay, and grab a free couch (if you have family or friends where you’re vacationing), or rent a cheap room. Several options are out there to help you save money and give you a better experience. Find the best solution for your budget and your needs while keeping an open mind.
  • Avoid eating out at restaurants

Are you traveling on a budget? There is a high possibility of eating out occasionally. If you can avoid eating out in restaurants, you will save a lot. Try out some fast-food joints, which have different prices on meals. Or, better yet, buy sandwiches from bakeries or grocery stores to get you through the night.
  • Avoid impulse buying or shopping

You can also add up travel expenses by buying gifts and other merchandise. When traveling, aim for enjoyment and experiences. Keeping away from gift shops and malls is the best way to save cash when traveling.
  • Set a daily budget

It is crucial to have a daily budget while traveling so as not to run out of money. When you’re planning your trip, figure out how much money you’re going to have each day, then devise a budget for all your expenses. Be flexible, and don’t just use more money on one activity, whereas the same amount could enjoy more than one activity.   Conclusion It sounds good to be true that it’s possible to plan a student trip on a budget. Start with our tips above, and you have nothing to lose here. Tag your fellow students or friends to make the journey more exciting than ever.

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