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11 Dishes to Try in Turkey

Visiting Turkey allows you to experience the diversity and longevity of Turkish food, as well as the legacy of the imperial cuisines of this country. So there is no doubt that it is one of the best cuisines in the world. The 11 best Turkish foods presented next should help you get a good idea […]

Best Kebab shops in Istanbul

kebab shop istanbul

Turkish cuisine is most likely associated with Kebab,a dish known locally as Kebap,and many visitors aspire to find the best kebab shop, where they can enjoy freshly grilled meat skewers . In this guide you will find the best kebab restaurants in Istanbul. Especially enjoy different kebabs like döner kebab, adana kebab or chishe kebab.  […]

A Tour of Istanbul’s Best Markets

The tradition of establishing markets in Turkey dates back to the Ottoman Empire. Over 200 markets are set up in downtown Istanbul every week. The bazaars of Istanbul provide much more than fruits and vegetables. Markets like the ones mentioned here tend to focus on textiles, so it’s no wonder that so many celebrities and […]

Top places to visit in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that carries its cultures and history well, blending them into a city to offer visitors of all nationalities. This city, the former seat of the Ottoman Empire, is today a large modern city surrounded by historic squares, ancient mosques and cathedrals and old bazaars whose traces date back to the Neolithic […]

Reasons to study in Turkey

Studying in Turkey is an increasingly popular choice for African students who want to continue their studies abroad. It has a plethora of prestigious universities, some of which have an international ranking, and a wide range of courses. Here, we present our 10 best reasons to study in Turkey. Turkey is a multicultural country Turkey […]