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Best courses to study in Germany

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Is it your dream to study at one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations?  If you are looking to study your undergraduate or postgraduate for free in Germany. This article will help you identify the best courses offered by the various universities in Germany? Germany is home to over 300 higher learning institutions and […]

Is the German language necessary to study in Germany?

German is the language of instruction at most universities and on most degree programmes in Germany. You must know the German language if you intend to study at a public university there.  Students who plan on taking a course or degree taught in German must meet language requirements. You can demonstrate your German proficiency by […]

Scholarships to Study in Germany

You can study in Germany for free since all public universities do not charge tuition fees. This regulation came into effect in October 2014. It applies to all federal states with an exemption of Baden-Württemberg, which charges tuition fees to all non-EU citizens. The cost is way affordable compared to what other study abroad destinations […]

Can I study in Germany for free?

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Germany ranks among the most sought-after study abroad destinations for African students. Often referred to as the land of ideas and opportunities. Over the past years, Germany has become an economic and academic powerhouse due to its high quality and free undergraduate and postgraduate education. There are numerous tuition-free universities for everyone to choose from. […]

Can I study in Germany in English?

Of course, most university degrees in Germany are taught in German. But with that being said, ‘yes’, African students can study in Germany in English. Some universities in Germany offer bachelor’s degrees and postgraduate degrees in English, but not many. These are mainly expensive private universities that charge tuition fees. They generally have higher admission […]

Undergraduate study in Germany

You have finally made Germany your destination of choice and ready to undertake your undergraduate degree in Germany. Germany, also known as a land of ideas and opportunities, is a favorite among African students.  Germany is gaining more fame as a study abroad destination because it welcomes international students from all over the world. Germany […]

Best Cities to Study in Germany

Germany has earned its place among the top study abroad destinations in the world. Universities in Germany offer world-class education at no cost at all. Yes, that’s right! Students get to study in public universities for free.  There is always something new for African students to discover, from the beautiful castles to Germany’s rich history. […]

Why You Should Study in Germany

5 reasons why you should study in Germany Germany, is among the countries with the best economy globally, is home to many international students. It is also a land of many opportunities with a low unemployment rate, which means readily available jobs. It is a safe and beautiful country to live in too. Germany is […]

Postgraduate Study in Germany

Germany offers a top quality education that is only a dream to many students. Coupled with a powerful and fast-growing economy, most African students are choosing it as a top postgraduate study destination. There are several universities in Germany that rank among the best in the world and master’s level. The best part about education […]

Jobs in Germany for African Students

Germany is among the most prestigious destinations to study and live in. Due to the quality of education, free tuition, and ready jobs for graduates. Most students find out that getting a part-time jobs alongside their studies is an excellent way to earn more cash to sustain themselves in Germany. It is a very typical […]

Study in Germany Requirements

For African nationals who want to gain admission into a German higher education institution, there are specific requirements that you must meet. In this article, we look at the key areas and give you an overview. For detailed information, please read our Study In Germany guide.  Higher education entrance qualification Every university and course in […]