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Ireland has eight universities that offer a wide range of study programs, undergraduate courses, and postgraduate courses. Universities in Ireland are home to over 30,000 international students. The global student population consists of students from 160 countries. Ireland is located on the Western coast of Europe and a member of the European Union. Following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, Ireland remains the only English-speaking nation in the European Zone. Universities in Ireland offer one of the most amazing higher education experiences. Students in Ireland get to study at some of the best universities in Ireland and a uniquely beautiful environment. A qualification from a chosen institution in Ireland is equal to that in the United Kingdom. This means that you can work in the UK when you receive an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree from Irish universities. You will also be eligible to enroll in Uk higher education institutions since their education systems are similar. Dublin is Ireland’s capital and has been voted time and time again as the world’s most friendly city. Irish people are amicable and welcoming to everyone. Make friends with the Irish people, you will realize that they are the happiest people to hang around with.

Education in Ireland

Enterprise Ireland manages education in Ireland. This is a government organization charged with ensuring the development and growth of Irish enterprises globally.

Tuition Fees in Ireland

Students from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland study tuition-free at Irish universities. The higher education Authority covers their study costs. International students who are not EU students pursuing their education in Ireland must cater to their finances. The fees paid for any program vary from university to university. The fees charged vary between 9900 euros up to 34,000 Euros. This depends on the program’s type and the duration that the said program takes. Undergraduate study fees are payable annually or per semester, while Postgraduate study fees are a payment.

Free Fees Initiative

This is an initiative by the Irish higher education authority. It pays tuition fees to qualify students that have enrolled in Irish universities. To be eligible for the Free Fees Initiative, you must meet the following selection criteria:
  • You must have lived in the EU for at least three years
  • You are enrolling for your first degree at an Irish university
  • You are registered for a program that will last for at least two academic years. The course must be a full-time course.

Scholarships and Financial Support for African Students in Ireland

There are many scholarships and grant programs that African students in Ireland could apply for. Some scholarships are offered by the government of the Republic of Ireland, universities, and by private institutions. However, not all scholarships are available to everyone. Some scholarships are available to students with a disadvantaged background, some to students with an exemplary performance academically. Some scholarships are only available to students from African countries or only open to women.  Each university is free to set criteria for its scholarship programs. Be sure to check for the right scholarship available for your country or type of program. You can check your school’s university website to get information on the available scholarships or financial aid available to you. For African students, it is advisable to look at the Irish consulate website in your home country. Most of the time, such websites have all the information concerning the scholarships available for students. If you are not sure, then contact the institution of higher learning that you want to join.

Living Costs in Ireland For International Students

Even for cities like Dublin, the housing and living costs are relatively cheaper. Many students opt for Ireland as the expenses are manageable even on a tight budget.

Overview of Some of The Living Costs In Ireland For Students

Monthly rent (student dorms): €600-€900 ($710-$1060) Utilities (monthly average): €160 ($190) * Monthly public transport pass: €130 ($155) Meal (inexpensive restaurant): €15 ($18) Coffee: €3.30 ($3.90) Milk (1 liter): €0.95 ($1.15) Vegetables (1kg): €1-€2 ($1.20-$2.40) Eggs (dozen): €3 ($3.55) Water (1.5 liters bottled): €1.55 ($1.85) Beef (1kg): €10.40 ($12.35) Beer/Stout (bottle): €2.80 ($3.35) Bread (loaf): €1.45 ($1.75

Student Visa Requirements in Ireland For International Students

All international students must apply for a student’s visa at the Irish consulate in their home country. Before applying for a student’s visa to Ireland, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You must have accepted an offer from a university in Ireland
  • Must have received a receipt of payment letter from the institution you intend to enroll at

Study at University in Ireland

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