“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

Basically, the study of Law equips students with extensive knowledge on matters related to the shape of society. It also deals with the general governance of the state.

Generally, Law is a set of rules and principles that determines how to live and sets rules to live by. Law also determines things like trade and work.

Dubai is among sought out study destinations among African students. Some of the reasons why African students choose Dubai for their undergraduate and post-graduate studies are:

  • Dubai offers cheaper tuition fees to study Law as compared to other destinations like America and Canada.
  • The Dubai local authorities have invested a lot in higher institutions. They ensure that they have state-of-the-art research centers. Thus making the institution centers of academic excellence
  • Local universities in Dubai offer modern and well-equipped campuses
  • There are numerous programs taught in English for international students studying in Dubai to choose from, like Law
  • Dubai is a beautiful destination. Students get a chance to engage in leisure activities like desert safaris, sky diving, dune bashing, and camel riding.
  • Availability of scholarship programs. Students may be eligible for merit scholarships. 
  • Availability of law firms that act as already job market in the Middle East

Top Law Schools in Dubai

Middlesex University Dubai

Middlesex University Dubai School of Law is home to about 1700 undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

The subjects offered are Law, criminology, sociology, social policy, politics, and international relations.

Undergraduate Degrees at Middlesex University Dubai

There are three undergraduate degrees offered by MUD, namely: 

  • LL.B honors in Commercial Law
  • LL.B Honors in International Law
  • LL.B Honors Law

LL.B Honors in Commercial Law

It’s a three-year program in Law that is taught in English. It costs 55,400 AED per year. The program equips students with skills to excel in professional exams and legal practice.

It helps students better understand the ethical, social, economic, political, cultural, and historical framework of Law.

Course Overview
  • Contract law
  • Public Law
  • European Law 
  • Tort English and International commercial Law
  • Global trade law

LL.B Honors Law with International Relations

It is a three-year program designed to help students have a better understanding of the English legal system. The program costs 55,400 AED per year.

Subjects taught

  • Legal methods
  • Contact law
  • International relations 
  • European Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Humanitarian Law
  • Global change
  • Public Law
  • International Law

LL.B Honors Law

The undergraduate program was launched in 2014. It is the only British qualifying law degree offered in the United Arab Emirates.

Subjects Taught

  • Legal methods
  • Contract law
  • Public Law
  • Europen Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Consumer law
  • Medical Law
  • Employment law
  • Child and family law

Post Graduate Studies at Middlesex University

The university offers four postgraduate law degree programs.

LL.M Employment Law

This course is both full-time and part-time. It takes a year for full-time students and two years for part-time students. The program costs 70,000 AED in tuition fees. Some of the subjects taught include Legal Research skills, individual employment law, and Human rights.

LL.M in International Law

This law degree offers students knowledge in subjects related to international law. It gives students a chance to know about the legal status of international organizations. to better understand the roles they play in solving disputes. 

The course costs 70,000 AED in tuition fees. It is also taught in English and takes only a year for full-time students and two years for Part-time students.

LL.M in International Business Law

The degree aims to impart its students with a deeper understanding of subjects dealing with International business law. The degree is offered both part-time and full-time. It takes a year for full-time students and two years for part-time students.

American University in the Emirates

Founded in 2006, the American University in Dubai is a private university located in Dubai. The college of Law offers both Bachelors and Master’s programs in Law.

Bachelor of Law

The Bachelor of Law program is taught in both English and Arabic languages. Arabic is the language of instruction in many academic ínstitutions in Dubai. The program offers a better understanding of the different law subjects related to the Islamic legal system.

Masters Study

The College of Law at the American University in the Emirates offers four postgraduate law degrees, namely.

  • Professional Master in Sports Law
  • Master in Arbitration / Master of Arbitration, 
  • Master in Criminal Sciences / Master of Criminal Science
  • Master in Intellectual property / Master of Intellectual Property.

University of Dubai

The United Arab Emirates fully accredits the University of Dubai. Its college of Law was established in 2014 and offered a Master’s of Law degree program in Dubai. The program is taught in English. It provides two master’s programs; one is entirely focused on arbitration. 

The other one focuses on dispute resolution while the other is focused on financial crimes and money laundering,

Master’s of Law (LL.M) in Financial Crimes and Money Laundering

This law program was designed to meet the needs of a compliant community. The course imparts the basic principles and practices of anti-money laundering. It helps students to navigate the hardships surrounding the fight against financial malpractices.

Graduates of this program will be able to rule out the causes of corruption other forms of economic crimes.

Master’s of Law (LL.M) in Arbitration

It’s a specialized Master’s degree program for already trained lawyers with a keen interest in dispute settlement systems.

The program also accepts students that do not have a background in Law. The students must be interested in becoming negotiators, expert determiners, arbitrators, and professional mediators.