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Shoreline Community College

The institution​

Shoreline CC as it is popularly known runs the first two years of a bachelor program before you transfer to a 4-year university to complete the remaining 2 years (2+2). The college offers guaranteed transfer to over 25 US universities and over the years its students have transferred to over 200 different universities, including top-ranked institutions such as New York University, Cornell, University of California and nearby University of Washington. For further information on why the community college pathway can be a great option, please click here.

Students aged 16+ and with a strong academic profile may also consider Shoreline and its High School Completion Plus program. Save time and money by taking classes that allow you to complete a U.S. High School diploma and, at the same time, earn you credits towards a bachelor degree!

Shoreline is a popular choice for international students thanks to its affordability and fantastic transfer options into top 4-year universities in Washington State and beyond. Typically there are 1000 international students from around 55 different countries on campus at any one time so you are sure to make global connections during your studies!


Majors at Shoreline Community College

Shoreline offers over 90 different majors so you have plenty of choice. Popular fields of study include Business, Biology (for medical-related studies), Computer Science, Engineering and Psychology but be sure to check the full list of available majors by clicking here.


Scholarships  and Financial Aid for students

There are a limited number of merit-based scholarships of $500 per year, for which you would be automatically considered upon application. Remember though that, in choosing Shoreline, you have already chosen a quality institution with tuition fees that are significantly below the average in the US!

Location​ of the Campus

This Community College is located in the small town of Shoreline (population: 53,000) located just 14km from downtown Seattle the largest city in Washington State. Remember that Washington State and Washington DC are very different entities (they are located on opposite sides of the USA and about 4000 km from each other!


This is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA – the metropolitan area has a population of around 4 million. As a result, it is a major commercial and technological hub – four massive and world-renowned companies (Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks) originate from the Seattle area. Seattle has one of the highest minimum wages in the country (approximately $15/hour), meaning that students who are able to find part-time work to complement their studies have decent earning potential.

Starbucks may be the world’s biggest coffee brand, but Seattle still boasts many independent cafes too – great places to hang-out with friends. The city has built a rich musical legacy over the last 100 years, from jazz to Jimi Hendrix to grunge and much more besides. All in all there is plenty to keep you entertained and, for those who like the big outdoors, Washington State offers a myriad of outdoor sports opportunities, including hiking, skiing (in winter), kayaking and much more!


Campus Life

There’s plenty to keep you entertained on campus when you have finished studying for the day. Sporty types can make use of the gym and fitness center or perhaps try out for one of the college’s sports teams.

There are also clubs covering nearly every interest, from Anime to YouToo club (a film club) that you can join. Aspiring engineers might be interested in the Engineering & Technology Society, for example, while the International Student Club is a great home from home for international students.


Housing available at the College

Shoreline opened its first on-campus residence, 7000 Campus Living, in Fall 2019 and it is open to students aged 17 years and above. You are guaranteed your own single bedroom, though the residence offers different options according to your personal preference and budget: choose from a studio, a 2-bedroom apartment (1 or 2 bathroom options), or there is a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment option.

Whatever you choose, high-speed internet is included and you will have access to laundry facilities on-site and each apartment has its own kitchen area – all of these are included at no additional cost!

The campus is located at the heart of the campus and there is a bus stop outside from where you can easily and conveniently catch a ride into the town of Shoreline or Downtown Seattle. Regular shuttle services to local grocery stores for the all-important food shop are also provided.

Further information on campus housing can be found at https://7000campusliving.com/. The college also can assist with finding homestays (living with a local, American family). This can be a great option for those still looking to develop their language proficiency, those who would rather avoid cooking (you can request meals to be included at additional cost) or for those looking for cheaper housing that the on-campus residence. Remember that homestay will be mandatory for students under 17 years of age unless the student has family living locally in the area.


What comes next?

Most students come to this particular college as a first step towards gaining a Bachelor degree. You will therefore complete your Freshman and Sophomore years (Years 1 and 2 of the Bachelor), before transferring to a 4-year university for the Junior and Senior years (Years 3 and 4).



Transfer to Universities

While you may be desperate to transfer to a university as quickly as possible after completing your program, did you know that you can be eligible for one year of OPT (Optional Practical Training) before going on to continue your studies at a university, if you prefer. OPT is an opportunity to work off-campus in an area related to your study for up to 12 months: you will gain valuable work experience and, at the same time, you will be paid! If you do opt for OPT after Shoreline, you are eligible for another year of OPT after completion of your bachelor degree. 

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Seed loves Shoreline Community College because...

Flexible admission with 4 start dates per year

Excellent transfer opportunities to top universities in Washington State and beyond

One of the most popular community colleges in the USA among international students

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Seattle, Washington State, USA

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Community College

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High School students, High School leavers

90+ (including Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Health Sciences,etc)

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Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA)


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