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Rowan University

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The institution​

Founded in 1923, Rowan University is a public university located in the small town of Glassboro in south-east New Jersey. The University has been transformed over the last quarter century from a well-regarded state college to a highly regarded national research university, thanks to a $100 million endowment left in 1992 by Henry Rowan.

Since that gift 28 years ago, Rowan has doubled its student enrolment, massively expanded student housing, added the Cooper Medical School and it has climbed the US News & World rankings to become an established Tier One nationally ranked university. It is currently ranked in the top 100 public universities in the USA and it has an overall ranking of #187 in the nation. 

It is the fourth fastest growing public institution in the USA and yet it continues to offer the benefits of a far smaller institution with average class sizes of just 20 students, enabling students to get the support and attention that they need. Many of the school buildings have been built or completely refurbished in the last few years so the facilities are state-of-the-art.


Majors at Rowan

Rowan offers a wide range of majors at both undergraduate and graduate level. It is particularly renowned for its undergraduate engineering programs (Biomedical, Chemical, Civil & Environmental, Electrical & Computer, and Mechanical) – Rowan’s bachelor programs in engineering are currently ranked #17 in the USA and so admission to this school is highly competitive.

However, as a nationally ranked institution, Rowan offers a broad range of majors from Accounting to Translational Biomedical Sciences.

Rowan’s business school offers a wide range of majors, including Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing and Supply Chain & Logistics.

For a full list of majors, please click here.


Scholarships​ at Rowan

At undergraduate level, Rowan offers merit scholarships ranging between $4,000 and $11,000 per year in value – students will automatically be considered for these awards.

Students who have completed the International Baccalaureat (IB) are also automatically assessed for IB scholarships worth up to $8,000 per year.

A limited number of students with permanent residence from outside the State of New Jersey may also apply for a Brown & Gold scholarship, with an award of up to $8,000 per year.

These different awards are ‘stackable’ – in other words it is possible to qualify for a merit scholarship and an IB scholarship, so high scoring IB graduates may earn up to $19,000 per year in scholarships by combining the two!

It is also worth noting that IB students can also apply for academic credit which could significantly reduce the length of time it will take to gain a Bachelor’s degree. 

Scholarships are not available at the Master’s level.


Rowan University is in the town of Glassboro, a small college town of approximately 20,000 inhabitants. Glassboro is situated in the south-eastern tip of New Jersey and just 20 minutes from the city of Philadelphia, which happens to be the largest city of neighbouring state, Pennsylvania, and the sixth largest city in the USA. Philadelphia, often referred to as Philly, is well connected to all major cities in the east of the country – as well as flights from Philadelphia International, the city is connected to Boston and New York to the north and to Washington DC to the south by the Acela Express train service.

While a thriving, modern day metropolis, Philadelphia is also one of the US’s most historic cities – it is the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 confirming the USA as a sovereign nation and, among many other historic landmarks, it is home to the Liberty Bell.

Sports fans are well provided for – Philadelphia hosts professional teams in American Football (the Eagles), Major League baseball (the Phillies), NBA basketball (the 76ers), NHL hockey (the Flyers) and the Philadelphia Union MLS soccer team.

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Campus Life at Rowan University

There is plenty to keep you entertained on campus when you have finished studying for the day. 

Rowan  plays a significant role in the arts and culture of the local area – there are six different venues on campus for performances such as music, dance and theatre, and the university has its own art gallery too. Alternatively, you might wish to perform via the university’s own radio channel and TV network

Sporty types also have plenty of choice on campus. As Rowan has grown, so it has invested significantly in its sports facilities on campus and there are two main recreation centers, as well as a large turf field open to students at certain hours, a tennis court, and three outdoor basketball courts. The Rec Center has a fitness center with a free weights area, gymnasium, 25-yard swimming pool, racquetball courts and group fitness studio. More recently a second fitness center, the Rowan Fitness Center, has also been built. Or perhaps try out for one of the university’s sports teams, the Owls (soccer and basketball are among the sports in which the university competes against other student teams)?

And, finally, there are plenty of student clubs to choose from, giving you the chance to pursue your personal interests while making lots of new friends. For a full list of student clubs and organizations, please click herehttps://rowan.campuslabs.com/engage/organizations



Rowan features eight residence halls and five apartment communities on its extensive campus. There are a range of different types of accommodation within those housing options, depending on your budget and on your seniority within the university. Freshmen students are housed in the traditional residence halls where rooms are mainly double occupancy with shared communal bathrooms along the corridor. 

Upperclassmen (those who are students of the third year of the bachelor at least) may choose one of the apartments. These typically house 4-8 students and rooms may be single or double occupancy; bathrooms are shared between 2 – 4 students.

Internet and cable TV are included in all housing options (the cable TV is available in communal student lounge areas). Please note that Freshmen and Sophomores are generally required to live on campus.

The campus offers 15 different dining outlets for students across campus and there are different meal plans according to your needs – you can either purchase a weekly plan where you can select a fixed number of meals per week (7, 10, 14 or All Access) or a Block plan where you buy a fixed number of meals. All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan and 1st Year students should select either the14 Weekly Plan or the All-Access Plan for the first semester but, after that first semester, students have greater flexibility as to the meal plan they can choose.

Further information about campus housing and meal plans can be found at https://www.rowan.edu/campus_life/housing_dining.html.


Transfer Courses to one of the Best Universities in the USA

The entire way we conduct life – the way we interact with others, how we work and what we do is constantly changing, and we’re also changing. Transfer applicants now have the ability to be informed of admissions decisions using non-official transcripts. Join a group of people where changes do not disrupt, but instead builds.

International Center at Rowan University

The International Center supports the internationalization and globalization of Rowan by offering comprehensive services to international students and scholars.

English Language Programs at Rowan University

ELP is an intense academic English program for students from abroad Our primary objective is to help students prepare for success in university and their career.

Student Affairs = Your Success

Our three divisions including Students Success and Students Life as well as Strategic Enrollment Management We strive to serve our community by providing important services, initiatives that aid you in your academic success and a wide range of leisure activities, and a healthy community that can help you excel throughout your college years. Our smaller class sizes, the opportunity for experiential learning, leadership opportunities , and careers placement networks put students like you in the middle of the world.

Life at Rowan University - Experience Rowan

The Rowan community is a lively one, where students seek satisfaction through participation in a variety of opportunities. We promote healthy lifestyle choices and multicultural competence as well as professional and personal growth in the community, as well as campus participation in civic engagement and development of leadership. Our student-centered philosophy promotes the development of the entire person in the global community, and helps students to prepare for the world following Rowan.

What comes next?

Upon completion of your Bachelor’s or Master’s program at Rowan, you will be eligible for OPT (Optional Practical Training). OPT is an opportunity to work off-campus in an area related to your study for up to 12 months (or 36-months if you have chosen a STEM major): you will gain valuable work experience and, at the same time, you will be paid! 

Remember that you are not restricted to the Glassboro area for your OPT – many students will look for opportunities in nearby Philadelphia, but some students will look further afield.

Nearby Philadelphia has a thriving healthcare sector so successful graduates of courses such as Health Promotion & Wellness Management at Bachelor’s degree level and Bioinformatics or Pharmaceutical Science at Master’s level can look to access great OPT opportunities locally.

If you have studied a Bachelor at Rowan, you may also wish to stay for your Master’s. Just remember that you do have the right to choose OPT both after your Bachelor and again after your Master’s if you so desire.

Seed loves Rowan because...

Top-20 university in the USA for Bachelor programs in Engineering

Tier One nationally ranked university at a very affordable price - it really is a hidden gem!

Small college town experience with proximity to Philadelphia

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Glassboro, New Jersey, USA

Type of Institution:
4-year University

Suitable for:
High school leavers                       Transfer students                          Graduate students

80+ Bachelor programs (including Business, Computer Science, Finance, Engineering and Pre-Med) and 60 Master’s programs (including Data Analytics, Business, Computer Science, Engineering and Pharmaceutical Science)

Annual tuition (in USD):
Bachelor: Up to $23,408            Master’s: $16,400

Estimated annual expenses (USD):
Bachelor: up to 44,483               Master’s: $34,175

Number of students:

Campus housing?

Nearest airport:
Philadelphia International (PHL)


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