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Northeastern University

The institution​

Founded in 1898, Northeastern University is a fast-growing and highly ranked university, known for its high quality of research and its global approach – with just over 16,000 international students, Northeastern ranks third among US institutions for the number of international students.

Northeastern University is ranked #186 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for for 2021. It is has also placed at #49 in the 2021 US university rankings produced by US News & World Report and, according to the same publication, is ranked #1 in the USA for its Co-Ops and Internships: experiential learning is at the heart of what Northeastern University offers! Each year over 12,000 Northeastern University students participate in a Co-Op – over the years, Northeastern has helped students to complete their Co-Op in nearly 150 countries around the world.

In recent years, Northeastern has expanded beyond its traditional home in central Boston and has opened regional campuses in Seattle (Washington State), Silicon Valley (California), and Toronto, Canada. Seed Educational Consulting is happy to assist you to apply to any of these campuses, though please note that currently, programs offered at the regional campuses are at the graduate level only.



Seed Educational Consulting can assist students looking to transfer into a Bachelor degree at Northeastern University. The innovative Bachelor Completion program, offered in 14 different majors, gives you the chance to transfer from your Bachelor degree studies in your home country or from a Community College in the USA. The tuition rate is very affordable and the majors offered are in areas offering great employment opportunities (Analytics, Biotechnology, Management, Mechatronics and Project Management being prime examples of areas of study currently offering great employment prospects).

Northeastern University offers a wide range of Graduate Certificate and Master’s programs. Key Master’s programs include the MBA (ranked at #57 in the world in the QS 2021 rankings for MBA programs), an LLM program in Laws, Finance, International Business, Innovation and many more. 

Northeastern runs a Global Pathway program aimed at international students looking to study a Master’s at Northeastern but who are currently lacking English language proficiency – this program is available for 1, 2 or 3 terms depending on your current level of English.

Northeastern offers many of its programs (both undergraduate and graduate) online, including 6 Bachelor Completion programs, the MBA, LLM in Law and many other Master’s and Graduate Certificate programs.

Studying online is a particularly good option for those of you who already have a job and who would like to continue working while enhancing your knowledge at Northeastern University. It is also a way to significantly reduce your costs as you will not have additional living costs to factor in.



There are a limited number of merit-based scholarships for Northeastern’s LLM programs delivered on campus. Applicants to the LLM program are automatically considered for these during the admission process.


Northeastern University’s main campus spreads across 73 acres in Boston, ranked the #1 student city in the USA in QS’s 2019 Best Student Cities ranking. There are four subway stops on the main campus, making the historic downtown area very accessible. 

Boston is world famous for its universities (Harvard and MIT are located here as well, for example). It is also one of the USA’s most historic cities.  Boston saw many of the key moments that led to the United States of America winning independence from Great Britain in the 18th Century, including the famous Boston Tea Party. One of the early battles in the War for Independence, the Battle of Bunker Hill, is a short walk across the river from downtown Boston.

Boston’s location as a port city in the Northeast of the United States has helped it to develop into a very multicultural city, offering many different types of cuisine. While once Boston was perhaps known for its strong heritage links to Europe (the city’s famous Boston Celtics basketball team is a nod to its large population of Irish immigrants), Boston today has a much more ethnically diverse population – 40% of Boston’s inhabitants of color are aged under 25 years of age.


Campus Life

There are five fully equipped fitness centers across the campus. Students can access cardio-vascular machines, free weights, an indoor suspended running track, a range of work-out classes and much more. 

There are hundreds of student organizations that you can opt to join covering all areas of interest – sports, performing arts, different religions and inter-faith groups, societies linked to particular areas of study, such as the Robotics and Automation Society, and of course the Northeastern Black Student Association. 

With a population of nearly 5 million in the Boston region, there is also much on offer off-campus including theater, musical concerts, a thriving restaurant scene and, of course, professional sports teams in the main US sports.



There are 40 different residence halls on campus, offering different types of housing and broken down into different year groups. Students transferring into one of Northeastern’s Bachelor Completion programs can choose the large International Village, offering a mix of single or double rooms, or also have access to a number of smaller apartment options.

Graduate students can choose from several different apartment-style residences. Please note that graduate students attending a program at the College of Professional Studies do not have access to campus housing – Northeastern’s Off-campus Housing and Support Services can give information about alternative off-campus housing.

Further information about the different on-campus residences available can be found at https://www.northeastern.edu/housing/university-housing/#_ga=2.55261803.1515964085.1610903081-394578440.1589299071

However, remember that, whether you are an undergraduate transfer student or a graduate student, on-campus housing is not guaranteed and the majority of Northeastern students who are not Freshmen do live off-campus. Information on off-campus housing options can be found at https://offcampus.northeastern.edu/.


What comes next?

Upon completion of your Bachelor Completion or Master’s program at Northeastern University, you will be eligible for OPT (Optional Practical Training). OPT is an opportunity to work off-campus in an area related to your study for up to 12 months (or 36-months if you have chosen a STEM major): you will gain valuable work experience and, at the same time, you will be paid! 

Northeastern University graduates have a strong record of finding employment – 93% find full-time employment or are enrolled in graduate school within nine months of graduating from Northeastern.

If you have studied a Bachelor Completion program at Northeastern University, you may wish to stay and complete your Master’s there as well. Just remember that you do have the right to choose OPT both after your Bachelor’s and again after your Master’s if you so desire.


Seed loves Northeastern University because...

Ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the USA and top 200 in the world!

Ranked #1 in USA for Co-Op and internship opportunities

Multiple campuses across North America

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Key information:


Boston, Massachusetts, USA 

Regional campuses:

Seattle, Washington, USA              Silicon Valley, California, USA     Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Type of Institution:
4-year university

Suitable for:
Transfer students                          Graduate students

14 Bachelor Completion programs (including Analytics, Biotechnology, Management, and Mechatronics), short-term Certificate and Graduate Certificate programs, Global Pathways and 32 Master’s programs (including Biotechnology, MBA, Finance, LLM Laws and Project Management)

Annual tuition (in USD):                           Bachelor Completion: $16,300;

Global Pathways: $15,730 (1-term), $26,985 (2-terms), $35,000 (3-terms)

Master’s: $18,650 – $54,800 depending on program chosen

Estimated annual expenses (USD): Bachelor Completion: $33,332

Global Pathways: $54,946 (3-terms)

Master’s: $38,944 – $74,746

Number of students:

Campus housing?
Yes (Main Campus)

Nearest airport:
Boston Logan Airport (BOS)


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