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Founded in 1894, Louisiana Tech University is a comprehensive, public university, known for its quality of research and its commitment to being financially accessible to both domestic and international students (see section below for more information on their attractive Bulldog scholarship scheme).



Louisiana Tech is particularly known for its programs in engineering and science programs – from traditional engineering majors such as chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering to cutting edge tech programs such as cyber security and nanotechnology, Louisiana Tech has plenty to offer.

There are many programs outside science and engineering, however. The College of Business, relocated in 2017 to a new purpose-built building and offers programs including accounting, business administration, finance, marketing and supply chain management. Budding entrepreneurs have a number of resources available to them, including the Center for Entrepreneurship & Information Technology – this hub brings together students from the Colleges of Business and Engineering to work together on new research and new ideas. Those with especially innovative ideas may want to pitch their ideas at the ‘Top Dog’ New Venture Championship.

Louisiana Tech’s School of Design, offers programs in architecture, graphic design, interior design and studio art. It has built a growing reputation thanks to the high quality of entries submitted by Louisiana Tech students at inter-university competitions.

Louisiana Tech also offers a program in Professional Aviation. Students have access to nearby Ruston Airport to complete requirements for Private, Instrument, Commercial and Flight Instructor Certificates. A Bachelor degree in Professional Aviation can also lead to job opportunities such as airport planner, airport manager, transportation manager, as well as commercial pilot.


Louisiana Tech’s Bulldog Scholarship is accessible and gives outstanding value to international students. It is an out-of-state tuition fee waiver that reduces tuition by approximately 46%, from approximately $18,717 to $10,890 per year: this means that Bulldog scholars pay the same tuition and fees as local Louisiana residents. Full details on the scholarship and eligibility requirements can be found at Scholarship Information | LA Tech International Student Office.

There are currently no scholarships available at Master’s level. However, academically strong candidates are encouraged to apply for graduate assistantships. These positions are competitive but successful applicants would also not pay out-of-state tuition fees.


Louisiana Tech University is located in the small college town of Ruston (population: 20,000) in the north of Louisiana. The closest airport, Monroe Regional Airport is located 60 km from Ruston and has flights to Atlanta, Dallas and Houston.

Ruston, Louisiana is a peaceful, friendly city that truly embodies community. From spending time at our gorgeous parks to eating at some of the local restaurants, Ruston is an amazing place to pursue your degree. 

This college town revolves around Louisiana Tech University, and most activities are only a short walk or bike-ride away from campus. There are countless places to meet lifelong friends as well as spend time studying for your courses. 

College students love seeing downtown Ruston, visiting Lincoln Parish Park, or going to Java City for coffee on campus, though these are only a few of the great places to see in Ruston. 

Food around Ruston includes places such as Brister’s Smokehouse BBQ, Flying Burger & Seafood, Ponchatoula’s, Log Cabin Grill & Market, and so much more. 

If you ever have any questions, there is always someone around willing to help. Whether it’s asking for directions or deciding on a good place to grab some food, the Ruston community will welcome you with open arms. 

As a small college town, Ruston is a wonderful place to live. As a town filled with college students, alumni and more, the Ruston community will always be cheering you on and supporting you throughout your degree and beyond.


Campus Life

Louisiana Tech may be a long way from home but it has hosted a growing community of students from Africa, especially West Africa, in recent years. New arrivals from Africa quickly feel at home here thanks to that community as well as the traditionally warm Louisianan welcome.

There are plenty of student organizations to choose from depending on your personal interests – there are clubs ranging from Karate to Robotics, from Anime to Women in Science Empowerment. Most international students will want to actively participate in the International Student Association as this is an excellent way to make friends from around the world. The African Students Association is also a popular and active association on campus. 

The Lambright Sports and Wellness Center is a light and airy building that hosts many different sports facilities that are open to Louisiana Tech students as well as people from the local community. Popular facilities include a climbing wall, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, basketball courts, indoor running track, billiards tables and even a bowling alley. Louisiana Tech students have free access to these facilities.

First Year students will quickly learn how to make the best use of their time at Louisiana Tech both inside and outside the classroom through the First Year Experience program. This includes special events and activities, as well as additional support to help students transition from high school to university life.



There are several residence halls located on campus and we do strongly recommend new students to spend  at least their first academic year on campus to get the full campus experience and as a great way to meet lots of people and make friends quickly.

There are several traditional residence halls for Freshmen students. These  offer double or triple occupancy rooms, with shared bathrooms along the corridor. These residence halls have separate floors or wings for male and female students. However, recently, Louisiana Tech has added suite-style residences, offering double room occupancy and a shared self-contained bathroom in the room. Two new residence halls are currently under construction and will open in Fall 2021 – these have a limited number of single rooms with private bathrooms, as well as double occupancy rooms. 

Although students living on campus will have access to community kitchens in their residence halls,  these are quite basic and are designed for the preparation of snacks. Residential students are required to purchase one of the three meal plans available. There is a limited meal plan offering 10 meals per week plus a declining dollar balance that allows you to buy additional snacks and meals outside the 10 meals that you have paid for. There are also two unlimited meal plan options. 

The Louisiana Tech campus is located very close to the downtown area. For those who prefer to live off-campus, there are plenty of affordable apartments and houses for rent within a few minutes walk of the campus. Off-campus students may also purchase a meal plan if they wish but there is no obligation to do so.


What comes next?

Upon completion of your Bachelor or Master’s program at Louisiana Tech University, you will be eligible for OPT (Optional Practical Training). OPT is an opportunity to work off-campus in an area related to your study for up to 12 months (or 36-months if you have chosen a STEM major): you will gain valuable work experience and, at the same time, you will be paid! 

Louisiana Tech’s Enterprise Campus concept has attracted a number of companies to set up on the campus of Louisiana Tech. This offers formal and informal opportunities for Louisiana Tech students to seek internships during their studies and potentially employment opportunities after graduation.


Seed loves Louisiana Tech because...

Bulldog scholarship offers in-state tuition to international students!

Flexible quarter system means 4 intakes per year!

Full suite of engineering and tech programs

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Ruston, Louisiana, USA

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4-year university

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High school leavers                        Transfer students                          Graduate students

58 Bachelor degrees (including Agri-Business, Architectural Studies, Aviation, Business, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Engineering and Nanosystems) and 27 Master’s programs (including Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering, Engineering Management and Molecular Sciences & Nanotechnology)

Annual tuition (in USD):        Bachelor: Up to $17,802                 Master’s:  Up to $13,230

Estimated annual expenses (USD): Bachelor: Up to $27,825             Master’s: Up to $22,338

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Monroe Regional Airport (MLU)


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