Study in USA

Guide for African Students 2021

The investment in a diploma from a US institution has been viewed positively by international employers for decades. The Higher Education system in the USA helps develop robust critical thinking skills and fosters a collaborative approach to learning. The breadth of the curriculum encourages students to explore topics far beyond their major. This gives a broader understanding of the world and a more open perspective.

Such skills and approaches are much valued by employers and have also developed a strong entrepreneurial spirit among US graduates. The rapid growth of Silicon Valley in California is one particularly shining example of the benefits of a US Higher Education. Study in the USA and follow your own American dream. 

Why choose to study in the USA in 2021?

A simple glance at any global university rankings list will immediately tell you why studying in the USA is desired. The top rankings are dominated by US institutions. And, with nearly 5000 colleges and universities to choose from, the USA offers choice as well as outstanding quality

No wonder that more international students choose to study in the USA than in any other country in the world. Take the first step towards joining the world’s largest international student community by reading the list below:

Top 5 reasons to study in the USA

Over the years, the USA has firmly established itself as the world’s number one destination for international students. Here’s why:

Academic excellence

American universities dominate all of the global university rankings and a US diploma is recognized by institutions and employers worldwide. The Times Higher Education World University rankings for 2021 have 8 US institutions in the top 10. There are 37 in the top 100. The QS World University Rankings for 2021 have 5 in the top 10 and 27 in the top 100.

Flexibility of the college and university system

The program structure in the USA, especially at Bachelor degree level, is very flexible. Students who may be unsure of their future career path may not have to declare this major at the outset. Students also have a lot of freedom to change their major during their studies, without losing credits. 

Students may choose an interdisciplinary program, which allows students a lot of flexibility to choose the classes they follow. Interdisciplinary studies allow students to focus on acquiring knowledge in different subject areas, sometimes far apart. In doing so, you will develop broad knowledge and adaptability. Skills that many employers value. 

Alternatively, students who have interests in two fields may opt for a double major. A major and a minor  is also an option. Both of these options broaden students’ education, enhance their skills and increase their employability at the end of their studies. 

Undergraduate students even have the chance to opt for a 2+2 system. Starting in a community college and then transferring to the third year of a 4-year university. Alternatively they can complete the full bachelor program in a 4-year institution.

Studies at graduate level also offer greater flexibility in the USA than in many other countries. Often there are opportunities for students to switch to a different field of study entirely for their Master’s. This is particularly the case with business with many engineering students. Many take management studies at graduate level to boost their career prospects.

Work experience for international students

There are different ways that African students in the USA can gain work experience, both during and after their studies. Options include:

  • Paid and unpaid internships 
  • Co-Op - a compulsary internship that forms an integral part of the program. Typically Co-Op adds an extra year to the length of a Bachelor degree. Placements are nearly always paid. 
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) - allows all international students to apply for post-study employment related to their field of study. This lasts for a period of up to 12 months, 36 months for Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics graduates. 

Cultural diversity 

The USA is the ultimate melting pot and was built by welcoming students from around the world. When studying in this culturally diverse environment, You will develop valuable soft skills, much sought after by large employers. You will have the opportunity to build your own global network of contacts. That could turbo boost your career prospects in the future.

The University Campus Experience

You will have access to a lot of great on-campus facilities wherever you choose to study in the USA. There are plenty of opportunities to join clubs where you will meet like-minded students.

Studying in the USA can be among the most expensive study options in the world, but it is also an investment that provides unparalleled opportunity for building future career prospects. US institutions invest in state-of-the-art campus learning and recreation facilities. If you manage to get a scholarship to study, it can help with on-campus living costs.