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The institution​

Since 1957 Kings has helped international students prepare for further education at UK universities through its GCSE and A-level courses, University Foundation Year programmes or Academic English courses. The Oxford school opened in 1986. 

All African high school graduates who hold a local diploma (e.g. the WAEC or the Bac in Francophone countries) must attend Kings before being eligible for admission into a UK university. This will mean a Foundation Year programme for most students. Graduates of the Foundation programmes will have access to the main British universities once they have completed the programme and have achieved the required grades. The school also offers an Accelerated 1-year A-level program as well as a regular 2-year programme which enables access to all British universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.



The Foundation programmes at Kings Oxford cover a wide range of study areas. These include science and engineering, medicine and health sciences, business, law, computing as well as a range of art and design programmes. 

Students at Kings receive a lot of individual attention and are taught in very small class sizes. A student can follow either a Foundation course that guarantees admission to a specific university or a program that allows students to be considered for the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS) in the UK. Academic entrance criteria must be satisfied in both cases. If choosing the UCAS route, students may apply to up to 5 different institutions. 

Kings students selecting the Medicine Foundation can opt for guaranteed entry into Aston or Keele Universities. The Art & Design Foundation is primarily designed to lead into Kingston University, London or University of West of England. The University of Bristol Foundation leads into a wide range of different areas of study, including business, engineering and social sciences, at a university currently ranked 91st in the world by Times Higher Education in its current 2021 World University Rankings.

Each year, King’s Foundation courses have up to three different intakes. However, the Medical Foundation programme only has one intake, in September. In general, students who have already completed A-levels or the International Baccalaureate may not need to take a Foundation course. However, students looking to study medicine in the UK may still be advised to study the Medical Foundation. 

In order to improve their grades and therefore gain access to higher-ranking British universities, students who did not attain their desired grades at A-level or IB may opt for a Foundation programme. 

There is also a GCSE and A-level program at Kings, which are the exams that British students take at the age of 16 and 18 respectively and which allow access to the UCAS system. British students also study at Kings, particularly on A-level programmes. A wide range of subjects are available at A-level, including Art & Design, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History, Physics, Biology, Maths,Psychology, English Literature and Government & Politics. 2-year A-levels are offered at Kings Oxford.



A limited number of merit-based scholarships are available to African students applying for Kings’ GCSE, A-level or Foundation programs. The scholarship award will be worth up to 25% of the tuition fee. No additional application is required – students will be automatically assessed for any aware that they may be entitled to based on past academic performance.


Oxford is one of the most famous study destinations in the world and needs little introduction. Kings Oxford is located in Cowley, just 20 minutes from the centre of the iconic, ancient city. Oxford is a small place and a lot of people who live there are students, so it can feel both young and old at the same time. The university buildings dominate the centre, but there is a lot of green space and parks all around too. There are rivers and canals cutting through at all angles. It is around an hour from London by train or bus.


Campus Life

Like all Kings centres, there is a student council in Oxford which looks after the interests of students. The centre has a popular photography society and also a chess club. There are weekly events, excursions and sporting activities.  Oxford has a lot of parks, and so students are usually able to find a club or society for most sports. The centre also has a film society, gaming club and music groups.



Various housing options are available at Kings Oxford. A homestay family can prove a popular and affordable option for many students that want to experience Oxford life with the locals. Students who need to perfect their English language skills can practice with native speakers in a friendly, relaxed environment. Students can choose a single room or to share a twin room with another student. If you choose to share your room, Kings will pair you with a student of your age and, when possible, from a different language group. Unless you have paid for an en-suite room, you will share a bathroom with other students and/or homestay family members. Breakfast and dinner are provided daily by the homestay – dinner-time is an especially good time to catch up with your homestay and to engage them in conversation.

If students prefer a more independent living style, residential housing options are available. Kings Oxford has two main residential options available. Single en-suite rooms in a student house, single en-suite rooms, with shared kitchen and social space. Or single en-suite rooms in a student residence that is also used by students from other educational institutions. Both options are around 20-30 minutes traveling time from school. There are fully equipped kitchens for students to cook for themselves; and there is also a half-board option available for students who choose the student residence.  

The on-site cafeteria is available to both homestay and residential students for lunch. Throughout the day, students can purchase beverages, lunch, or snacks.


What comes next?

Kings Oxford provides a small college environment that will give you plenty of personal attention and allow you to prepare for university life in the UK. Upon successful completion of your Foundation or A-level programme, you will start the next stage of your life – a Bachelor degree at a British university!

Seed loves Kings Oxford because...

Ultra-small classes means lots of personal attention

Study in one of the world's most historic and famous university cities

Excellent track record of placing students into Top-30 British universities

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Key information:

Location: Oxford, UK

Type of Institution:
University Pathways

Suitable for:
High School students              High School leavers


University Foundation Year            GCSEs                                            A-levels

Annual tuition (in GBP):

Up to £17,700 (International Business Foundation)                Up to £22,650 (Advanced Level Foundation)                                  Up to £27,800 (2-year A-level program and GCSEs)

Estimated annual expenses (GBP):

Up to £26,907 (International Business Foundation)                Up to £31,857 (Advanced Level Foundation)                                  Up to £37.007 (2-year A-level program and GCSEs)

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Campus housing?
Off-campus residence & Homestay

Nearest airport:

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) or London Gatwick Airport (LGW)


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