“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

Study Abroad changed my life 

In 2014, I had just concluded my undergraduate degree in journalism and was on the lookout for places to further my studies. There weren’t many institutions in my hometown that could cater to my needs, so I decided to explore the possibility of studying abroad. My country of choice was the USA since I had heard great things about the USA. I gathered as much information about what I wanted to study. I then decided to try out an agency that helped students to gain admission into universities abroad. That’s when my journey to Michigan State started. The whole process at the agency was smooth, and the experience was worth it. I got excellent career advice too, which was the best thing about the Study Abroad Agency.

My first day at university went well. I was well received and welcomed. Everyone I met was friendly. The American culture of greeting strangers was new to me. The food was also unfamiliar to me. So much food to choose from that got me confused. I hadn’t tried cheese before, and my first reaction when I saw a whole supermarket aisle full of cheese was, “wow! How do humans even digest this thing” it sounds funny now that I am writing about it because I love cheese now. In my home country, we were used to cooking fresh food every single day. In Michigan, it was different. A lot of canned food was hard for me to love. 

The most challenging experience for me was the cold winter. I arrived in January, which is the coldest month in Michigan, and it wasn’t a great experience for me since I came from a country where it’s warm all year round. 

My favorite part of studying abroad was the great things I learned, the skills I acquired, and the long-lasting relationships I got to build.

These friendships are part of why I decided to relocate again to where I live now, in Austria. I got attracted to the Austrian way of life and culture, so I decided to move in the summer of 2018.

Austria is not so much different from Michigan in terms of weather since Austria experiences almost the same climate as Michigan all year. I have come to enjoy winter because of skiing and winter sports which I have loved so much.

The only difference between Michigan and Austria is, the people in Austria appear to be unsocial. In Michigan, we could greet random people on the street and even engage in small talk. In Austria, it is different. No one has time to say hello to random strangers on the streets.
My advice to anyone who wants to spread their wings and study abroad is, go for it! Do not limit yourself to the institutions in your home country. Do not be afraid of the unknown or change. Go out, explore and experience new horizons because the world outside is beautiful, and excellent career opportunities await.

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