Study in Ireland

Guide for African Students 2021

Study in Ireland

Ireland is a European nation famous for its culture the world over. It is admittedly a less known study destination for African students than its near neighbour, the United Kingdom. However, as we hope to reveal in this guide, there are lots of good reasons to consider Ireland for your studies.

The Irish people are proud of their culture and thus work hard to preserve it. Ireland is an Anglophone country that makes it attractive for both African students who already speak English and those who want to improve theirs. Ireland is home to students from other parts of the world too. Most of the students that study in Ireland come from the European Union, Switzerland, the UK, and North America.

Ireland has a younger population than most Western European countries and also a highly educated population. The country is often referred to as the Celtic Tiger for its strong economic performance over the last 30 years. 

Ireland has a pioneering and can-do spirit. Through innovation a country with a population of around 5 million people produces enough food to feed 60 million! Irish expertise in agriculture has helped turn arid lands in Africa into fertile farming. And, an upstart Irish airline company, Ryanair, revolutionised air travel within Europe, becoming the biggest European airline in terms of passenger numbers pre-COVID. 

Unlike the UK, Ireland is a member of the European Union (though it is not part of the Schengen visa zone). In recent years, thanks to its highly educated workforce, Ireland has attracted multinationals, such as Amazon and Microsoft, to set up European HQs here. Since 1st February 2020 it is the largest Anglophone country within the European Union, which is likely to make it an attractive base for other international companies looking to set up hubs within the European Union’s Single Market.

Ireland is a very safe and beautiful country with great places to visit. Popular attractions are The Cliffs of Moher, Grafton Street in the capital city, Dublin, for shopping lovers, Killarney National Park and Muckross House & Gardens. With such rich history it was no surprise Capital Dublin was designated a UNESCO City of Literature in 2010.

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