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Eurasia Institute for International Education

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The institution​

Since 1993, Eurasia has helped over 20,000 students to meet the language admission requirements for a public university in Germany. Depending on your past academic background you may also need to complete Studienkolleg (the equivalent to an International Foundation Year in ) and we will be able to help students to apply for different Studienkolleg programs after successfully achieving the required  language score.  


Majors at Eurasia Institute Berlin

EURASIA specialises in teaching German to students from around the world who are looking to study in a  university at Bachelor or Master’s level. Therefore, for nearly every African student looking to take advantage of the extremely low (if not free!) tuition offered at public universities across Germany, the first step will be to learn the language to an extremely advanced level – this is what the Institution does!



The institution does not offer any scholarships. Don’t forget though that, once you have successfully completed your  language studies at, tuition at public universities in Germany is generally free! The institution will therefore open the door to genuinely affordable and high quality university studies.


The Institute is located close to the Charlottenburg district of Berlin, Germany’s capital city, and just 8 minutes’ walk from the nearest subway station (the U Bahn). Siemensdamm.    

The district has built a strong reputation in recent years as a hub for start-ups as well as a major centre for the creative and service industries. It is a very cosmopolitan place, with close to 4 million inhabitants and yet, despite the fact that it is the capital city of Germany, Berlin has a lower cost of living than other major  cities, such as Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg.

More than 15 universities are located in the city so, each year, thousands of students from Germany and around the world come here, adding to the city’s diversity!

Eurasia Institute school

Campus Life

The institution organizes an optional programme of activities for students, including student parties, excursions around the city, team sports and cinema nights.

In addition, all students will get issued with a student card that gives them discounted access to museums, cinemas, Berlin’s world famous zoo and fitness centres. Berlin’s rich cultural heritage and history means that there is plenty to see and do.


Housing International Language School Berlin

This institution Institute and Seed strongly recommend that students opt to stay with a German homestay, especially younger students. This will be the quickest way to learn the local language as well as to gain insights into  culture. Students will have their own bedroom but will generally share a bathroom with the homestay. Homestay accommodation is offered on a self-catering basis – you will have access to a kitchen but you will be expected to shop for yourself and tidy up after yourself. In addition to giving you lots of opportunities to practise your language skills with native speakers, homestay is also cheaper than other accommodation options.

For those that do prefer to live more independently, This institution can help you to find single rooms in shared student apartments; you will have access to communal kitchens and bathrooms in these apartments. 

The campus cafeteria is at the heart of student life at the institution: make new friends while refuelling! Students who wish to eat regularly at the cafeteria can purchase different meal plans, one of which includes breakfast before you start your classes!

What comes next?

Upon successful completion of your German language programme, you will either progress into Studienkolleg or directly into a university, depending on your past academic background. Either way, we, in partnership with Seed, will ensure that you have identified the best program to meet your needs from one of 27 partner universities (public and private).

Seed loves Eurasia because...

Study German for one year, then access a wide range of public German universities for free!

Located in Berlin, Germany’s cool capital

All new applicants will have a detailed psychometric test which will help you select the right field of study, according to your aptitudes

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Berlin, Germany

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University Pathway

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High School leavers                      Graduate students

Majors at Eurasia Institute:

Academic German language programs leading to hundreds of different programs in German universities

Annual tuition (in euros):
€9540 (36-weeks)

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)

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