Study in Germany

Guide for African Students 2021

Study in Germany

Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe with the continent’s largest economy. This is fuelled by the largest population in Europe, of over 83 million people. Once known as the “Land of Poets and Thinkers”, Germany has played an historic role in education. The first research universities in the world were in Germany and many are still open today. 

The United Nations Development Programme places Germany as 6th on the Human Development Index. This is ahead of more popular study abroad destinations the USA, United Kingdom, and Canada. 

The German Government reports that there are around 375,000 international students enrolled at university there. That is over 12% of the total number of university students in the country. Around 18,000 African students, each year choose Germany for university abroad. 

The German education system is particularly strong in the STEM Subjects  – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. No surprise as the country is home to famous engineering and manufacturing brands. STEM subjects are popular course choices with African study abroad students.

african student in berlin residence