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Middlesex University Dubai

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The institution​

Middlesex University established its Dubai campus in 2005, making it one of the oldest international branch campuses in the city state. From the beginning, the campus has been located in Dubai Knowledge Park, home to a growing number of international university branch campuses. There is therefore a significant international student community that come to learn each day in Knowledge Park. Middlesex University Dubai has been awarded a top 5 star rating by the Dubai Government’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). This classification system has been designed in collaboration with QS and any Dubai institution given a 5 star rating is deemed to be offering a world-class standard of education.

Majors at Middlesex University Dubai

Middlesex University Dubai follows the same academic structure as its mother campus in London. Most African students joining Middlesex University Dubai immediately after completing high school in their home country will therefore need to start with an International Foundation Programme. This program lasts 30-weeks (1 academic year) and is designed to bring international students up to the same level of learning as a UK school leaver. The Middlesex university Dubai Foundation programme has 2 start dates a year (September and January) and there are 6 different streams that will lead into all of the different Bachelor degrees offered at the university.

For students who have successfully completed the Foundation (or in a few cases may not even need it, Middlesex university Dubai offers 33 Bachelor degree programs across 6 main areas of study – Business, Art & Design, Science & Technology, Health & Education, Law and Media. All Bachelor degree programs last 3 years, meaning that most high school graduates from Africa will need a total of 4 years to gain their bachelor degree.

Students have a lot of flexibility at Bachelor degree level – it is possible to transfer to the main London campus at the end of any academic year to continue their program of study. So, some students transfer after the Foundation programme, some may switch after the end of year 1 of the Bachelor while some students may prefer to stay in Dubai for the duration of their programme. Remember that Middlesex University Dubai campus offers lower tuition fees and a lower cost of living that the main campus in London so, if you are looking to gain a British bachelor degree at a more affordable price, completing the full programme at Middlesex University Dubai is an excellent choice.

At Master’s degree level, Middlesex offers 34 different programs, all of which can be completed in one-year if studying full-time. Middlesex university Dubai has a particularly strong portfolio of Master’s and MBA programmes in business – the MBA programme offers a General track or 10 different specialisations according to your personal interest. 

However, there are also a growing number of Master’s programs in Science & Technology at Middlesex university Dubai, including Engineering Management, Cybersecurity and Robotics, and in Law. 

For non-native speakers of English who need to first improve their language skills to be admitted to the Foundation, Bachelor or Master’s degree programme of their choice, Middlesex University Dubai has recently opened an English language programme. These intensive English courses are run with small classes in blocks of 6-weeks.



There are lots of merit scholarships available ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 in value. These are a one-time award spread across the four years of study (1 year Foundation and 3 years of Bachelor).

At Master’s level, there are currently guaranteed scholarships worth 30% off tuition for admitted students from Africa! In addition, there is also an Early Enrolment Grant worth an additional $1,000 that can also be added.


The Dubai Knowledge Park sits adjacent to the Dubai Media City as well as the Dubai Internet City and boasts excellent transport links such as the Dubai Metro and Tramway. The neighbourhood is home to more than 500 businesses and has established itself as a centre of excellence for higher education and professional development.

Dubai Knowledge Park is close to Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Marina, and Palm Jumeirah, all of which are home to many leading businesses and creative agencies – both locally and internationally – providing plenty of job opportunities for students.

Campus Life

There are a number of social clubs to choose from in your free time, depending on your personal interests – options include Anime, Drama, Gaming, Music and Photography Clubs and  many more.  And, if you enjoy sport, there are a wide range of sports clubs to choose from, including athletics, basketball, football and rugby. The sports clubs are typically open to enthusiasts of all levels with those particularly skilled able to play sport competitively for Middlesex against other university teams. And, of course, you have all of the glitz and glamour of Dubai on your doorstep! Dubai is renowned for its shopping opportunities (there are over 100 shopping malls and souks to choose from!) but there is also an increasingly varied cultural life available too. Or, if you fancy some peace and quiet, the desert is never far away!


The Myriad is the primary student residence in Dubai, not only for Middlesex University Dubai students but for students from a number of different universities. The residence is located in the heart of Academic City, a 30 minute drive away from Knowledge Park. There is a regular free shuttle between The Myriad student residence and the university campus. The Myriad offers twin, single and premium single rooms with rental costs ranging from 2,000 AED (USD $550 per month) to 3,700 AED (USD$1,000 per month). This premium student residence includes a gym, swimming pool, study rooms, communal kitchens, laundry rooms, high speed wifi and a shuttle bus service to your university campus at no additional cost.  Private apartment rentals in Dubai remain a cheaper option and sharing an apartment is likely to reduce your costs to around $300 per month.

What comes next after Middlesex?

Upon completion of your Bachelor or Master’s program at Middlesex University Dubai then you may be able to stay and work in Dubai though the length of your residence permit for employment will depend on how well you performed during your studies and also the field of study that you undertook. High-performing engineering students are eligible for 10-year residency permits while short 5-year residency permits may be available to lesser performing students or to students who studied fields such as business.

Seed loves Middlesex Dubai because...

Branch campus of a top 400 university (Times Higher Education World Rankings, 2021)

Study at the brand new high-tech campus that opened in Dubai Knowledge Park in April 2021

Study complete program in Dubai or transfer to the main UK campus during your program

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Key information for students at Middlesex Dubai:

Location: Dubai, UAE

Institution type: University

Middlesex is Suitable for: High school leavers  Graduate students

Majors at Middlesex: 33 Bachelor programs (including Accounting, Business Management, Electrical Engineering, Fashion Design, Finance, Law, Marketing and Psychology) and 34 Master’s programs (including Banking & Finance,, Business Administration, Cyber Security, Data Science, Investment Management, Law and Robotics )

Annual tuition (USD): Foundation: $11,900 Bachelor: $15,200 Master’s: $13,500 (includes guaranteed scholarship for African students)

Estimated annual expenses (USD): Foundation: $19,100 Bachelor: $22,400              Master’s: $24,100

Number of students at Middlesex: 3,600

Campus housing? Off-campus residence with free shuttle bus service to and from Middlesex Dubai

Nearest airport: Dubai International Airport (DXB)


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