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Centennial College

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The institution​

Founded in 1966, Centennial College is Ontario’s first public College, with five campuses in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada.

The Institution is recognized as one of the most culturally diverse post-secondary institutions in Canada. With its location in Toronto, the financial capital of Canada and the country’s largest city, Toronto is a leading choice for international students in Canada. More than 12,000 international and exchange students choose Centennial for their studies each year!

Programs at the institution promote experiential learning with laboratory instruction, co-op education, and industry placements. Whether in our classrooms, labs, or the community, the students experience the real world before they even graduate.

  • Over 200 programs offer a mix of online and hand-on learning
  • 50 of the its programs are available entirely online

Majors at Centennial College

Centennial  offers post-secondary and post-graduate programs in business, engineering technology and applied science, communications, media, arts and design, community and health, hospitality, tourism and culinary arts, and transportation (aerospace, automotive, and motive power). 

Students joining the institution immediately from high school can choose from a range of different qualifications that require varying lengths of study. In brief, you can choose from 1-year Certificate, 2-Year Diploma, 3-year Advanced Diploma or 4-year Bachelor programs. 

Programs offered include Honours Bachelor Degree programs in Information Technology  and Public Relations Management. However, for students looking to gain a Bachelor degree in other fields of study, such as Business, then you can use this institution as a stepping stone – since it has developed many pathways into universities in Canada and abroad from its 2-year Diploma and 3-year Advanced Diploma programs.

The institution does not offer Master’s programs (these are only available at Canada’s universities). However, its Graduate Certificate programs are geared towards students who have completed their first (bachelor) degree elsewhere. Even some students with a Master’s will come to take a Graduate Certificate program in a different field of study in order to enhance their employability. These programs typically take one-year and students with a 3-year licence from a Francophone African country are eligible to join such programs.

Scholarships at Centennial College

Currently there is one scholarship for an international student based on past academic merit. However, it is important to remember that Canadian colleges, such as Centennial, already offer lower tuition fees than those typically offered at universities.


The institution has 5 campuses in Toronto. The main campuses for international students are the Progress and Morningside campuses, located less than 5 km apart in the district of Scarborough in East Toronto. Both campuses are located a 30-minute drive from downtown Toronto (or 45 minutes by public transport). The Progress campus also has a large student residence on site. The Progress campus is home to hospitality and business programs; the Morningside campus hosts the engineering technology and applied for science programs.

Centennial College  College Centennial College

Campus Life

Students here have access at no additional charge to the on-campus fitness centre, which offers cardiac machines, free weights and strength equipment.

There are different student clubs at the instituiton that you are able to join according to your interests – options include the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club, the Theatre Club and the Automation and Robotics Club. If there is nothing that is of interest, feel free to set up your own club via the Student Association.



Completed in 2016, Centennial Place residence is located on the Progress campus. All students at the college have their own single bedrooms and can choose from 4 bedroom/2 bathroom apartments or 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartments. All rooms come with high-speed internet and climate control included. Students have access to a shared kitchen within their apartment (so sharing with 1 or 3 other students depending on the apartment type they select.

Students here also have access to an on-site fitness center open 24/7 with strength equipment, cardio machines, and free weights. Students at  also have on-site access to quiet study lounges, recreation areas with table tennis, billiards, televisions, and a small grab-and-go grocery store. Scarborough town center is nearby for those wishing to have a wider choice of groceries to purchase and cook for themselves. 

Further information about this modern coellge and well-equipped student residence can be found at https://www.centennial-place.ca/. Alternatively, the Centennial  Student Association Inc. has partners with Places4Students.com to offer a wide range of off-campus housing options. 

Each campus has its own on-site eateries for students wishing to grab a snack or a full meal. The main Progress Campus has a selection of 14 cafes and eateries to choose from. Further information about cafes and restaurants on each campus can be found at https://centennial.campusdish.com/.


What comes next?

Most students coming to Centennial immediately after high school will opt for a 2-year Diploma or 3-year Advanced Diploma program: many  students do opt to transfer their credits to a university elsewhere in Canada in order to complete their Bachelor degree. Further information about credit transfer from Centennial can be found at https://www.centennialcollege.ca/admissions/education-pathways/pathways-options/. Students following programs in Information Technology or Public Relations Management also have the option to study a full 4-year Bachelor degree at the institution.

Students coming to the institution after completing at least the first (bachelor) degree in their home country would normally select a 1-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate. Some students will see a Graduate Certificate as the perfect addition to their previous studies in their home country; other students may look to continue on to a Master’s or take a second Graduate Certificate in a different field of study to enhance their employability.

All students graduating from a program at Centennial will have the chance to seek full-time employment. Those coming for just a 1-year program may stay and work for 1-year; those opting for a program of 2 academic years or longer may stay for up to 3-years during which they may apply for permanent residency.


What next after Graduating?

Students at Centennial following programs in Information Technology or Public Relations Management also have the option to study a full 4-year Bachelor degree at Centennial College.

Seed loves Centennial because...

Great campus locations in Canada’s largest city, Toronto

Especially known for its hospitality and culinary programs

Wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs at affordable prices

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Key information on Centennial:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Type of Institution:

Suitable for:
High school leavers                       Transfer students                        Graduate students

Business, Engineering Technology and Applied Science, Communications, Media, Arts and Design, Health, Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, and Transportation (Aerospace, Automotive, and Motive Power)

Annual tuition (in CAD):

Certificate and Diplomas –  $16,500

Bachelor Degree – $21,000

Estimated annual expenses (CAD):

Certificate and Diplomas –  $29,500

Bachelor Degree – $33,500

Number of students:

Campus housing?

Nearest airport:
Toronto Pearson International (YYZ)

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