Study in Canada: student guide to top universities

Study in Canada

Canada offers a unique opportunity to study entirely in English, entirely in French or on a bilingual program. With a population of roughly 10% of its southern neighbor, the USA, Canada has lots of space. As a result, there are clear pathways to immigration post-study. Canada is renowned for the friendliness of its people, its safety, and its quality of life. 

These points have made Canada an increasingly popular destination for studies among international students in general. Approximately 20% of the Canadian population speak French as their native language. English, at 56%, is by far the predominant language across the country. This is important to bear in mind if you are from a French-speaking country. 

Seed mainly works with institutions in the English-speaking part of Canada. This is because we believe proficiency in English is an essential skill for today’s globally mobile workforce. If you plan to work in Canada after graduation a strong knowledge of English will be essential. However, for those who do prefer to study in French, Seed is able to offer extremely affordable options too.

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