“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

The world keeps growing and evolving, and so does the fashion design industry. Dubai is one of the fastest-growing fashion hubs in the world. So if you study fashion design in Dubai you have an added advantage because students get to understand the ever-changing world of fashion design. 

A career in fashion design is an excellent way for students to put their creativity to good use. Various institutions in Dubai offer programs in fashion design. Fashion is all about glamour, passion, creativity, and style.  

For students who want to study fashion design in Dubai, the institutions of hígher learning offer various specializations. The specializations are Interior tailoring, jewelry, interior designing, and much more.

What is a Fashion Design degree?

You may have heard of the words fashion design. But what is fashion design all about?

This program aims to develop students’ ability to put their creativity and imaginative thinking to good use. Students get training on how to express their ideas to come up with finished products through developing partners and constructing garments. 

After concluding the program, the students have more understanding of the opportunities and dynamics of the fashion Industry. After successful completion, graduates will understand the dimensions like styling, photography, journalism, fashion marketing, and blogging.

The fashion design institutions in Dubai are equipped with the latest technology. They integrate the use of emerging technology in design to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion.

Where to study Fashion Design in Dubai

Heriot-Watt University Dubai

Program: BA Fashion Branding and Promotion

This is a new program that combines fashion marketing, fashion communication, branding, and management. The program provides the students with the necessary, strong skills needed to prosper in the fashion industry.

It emphasizes meeting the needs of the fashion industry. It produces well-rounded individuals with a complete understanding of the commercial aspects of the industry.

Students taking this course collaborate and interact with designers of famous fashion design houses in the world. They also get to take part in fashion shows where they showcase their design talent to the rest of the world.

The Heriot-Watt University in Dubai provides its students with well-equipped labs, studios, and design suites. The students can fully concentrate on bringing their ideas to life. 

The course takes three years; It costs AED 65,000 per year (approximately $18,000 USD). The course is taught in the English language.

BA (Hons) Fashion

It is taught at the Heriot-Watt University Dubai. The program’s objective is to confidently prepare students for a career in the fashion design industry. It equips its students with the fundamentals of fashion design. Graduates from the institution acquire creative, analytical, critical, and communication skills to succeed in the fashion industry.

The institute collaborates with players in the industry to help the students gain a “Live” learning experience outside the classroom.

The students learn about taking care of the customers’ needs. They learn marketing skills, and trends while creating and pushing their products to the market.

The course takes three years, and it’s taught in English. It is a full-time undergraduate degree course that costs between AED 65,000 per year ($18,000 USD)

Middlesex University Dubai

Program: BA (Hons) Fashion Design

This undergraduate degree program aims to equip its students with technical skills. It supports student creativity to develop their identity as designers.

The areas covered include Fashion illustration, portfolio presentation, technical drawing, garment construction, pattern cutting, corsetry, and tailoring.

Course Highlights

During the program, students learn to develop self-confidence. They learn to challenge themselves, and the ability to work on projects with others. The students develop the ability to define their own fashion identity.

The program allows its students to design both menswear and womenswear, allowing them to explore, develop and focus on their strengths.

The bachelor’s degree program takes three years to complete. It is a full-time course that’s taught in English. It costs 55,700 AED per year (approximately $15,300 USD). 

Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation

Program: Bachelor of Design

Found in the heart of Dubai’s design district, the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation is a private non-profit University. It is focused on nurturing, mentoring, and creating the next generation of designers.

The institute also collaborates with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The Parsons School Of Design to develop a strong fashion Curriculum.

The significant concentrations of this program are Product Design, Multimedia design, fashion design, and strategic design management.


  • To prepare the students to respond to the rapidly changing fashion world effectively.
  • To teach the students visual literacy and technological capabilities to form and create a sustainable future.
  • To support emerging fashion design talent across the region through a cooperative approach that values collaboration and partnerships.

Students learn how to create, represent and communicate their ideas and form, craft, and develop real solutions to today’s problems. The students learn from the best but have access to the calendar of fashion design events in Dubai.

This fashion design course takes four years to complete, and it costs 98,00 AED. It is taught in English.

Other institutions offer certificates and diplomas in fashion design degrees in Dubai. Some of the smaller institutions are Capital training institute, FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion, and Center for Executive Education.

Lilian Greitbauer
Lilian Greitbauer