“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

The city of Dubai is not only a beautiful destination but a city with a very prosperous economy. Dubai has grown in recent times into one of the sought-after study destinations, especially among African students. Universities in Dubai provide world-class education at very affordable fees.

Dubai welcomes international students. Some of the most popular degree courses are: Science, Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Aviation management, Business, Economics, Mass media, Computer Science, Law

Where to Study Architecture in Dubai

Finding a suitable university to study architecture degrees in Dubai can be challenging for students who have not done their due diligence.

With so many universities and colleges promising to deliver student expectations, it might be very confusing. Here are some of the universities that offer fantastically packaged courses in Architecture.

Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus

The Heriot-Watt University Dubai is among the oldest and most successful universities in the entire Emirates region, established in 1821. The university offers over 50 undergraduate and post graduate programs. The Heriot-Watt university pioneered British education in Dubai. It was the first overseas university to set up in the Dubai International Academic City.

The university offers a large number of both undergraduate and post graduate programs. The university offers one of the best curricula to its students. 

The programs are taught in the English language, which is an advantage for most African students.  The Heriot-Watt University in Dubai also has its roots in Scotland.

The Bachelor of Architecture program offers many developmental opportunities to its students. It does this by breaking out of the United Arab Emirates to the international market.

Courses Offered:

  • Bachelor of Engineering- Architectural Engineering (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Arts- Architecture (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Arts- Interior Design (Hons)

Program Overview

The program provides the students with a grounding in the subject of architecture. The program includes a portfolio of design, technical and theoretical courses covering all aspects of architecture.

Graduates from this program can work as consultants, urban designers, contractors, or government at the architectural assistant level.

The architectural course at the Heriot-Watt university has been designed concerning RIBA ( Royal Institute of British Architecture) criteria.

This program aims to produce a well-rounded and internationally respected program. After the program, students must have a varied portfolio of drawn, modeled ( CAD and physical) written and examined work.

American University in Dubai

American University in Dubai is among the private institutions of higher learning in Dubai. The university ranks among the top 5 institutions of higher education in the United Arab Emirates. The university has a population of 2400 students and, more than half of the students are international students.

Course Offered: Bachelor of Architecture

The study of architecture centers on the art and science of designing buildings and built environments. It also involves the structure and the construction of buildings and spaces intended for human activities.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Architecture program is a five-year accredited program taught by academically qualified and experienced faculty. The program promises to produce highly-skilled, employable, and world-class architecture graduates. 

Students at American University in Dubai have access to career development information. This is a dedicated resource to facilitate their professional careers. The mission of the bachelor of architecture is to prepare highly qualified graduates for the employment and building industry.

The students learn all the fundamentals skills in architecture. They learn by integrating history and theory and technological, digital, artistic, and financial dimensions.

The end goal of this program is to produce students that:

  • Demonstrate a better understanding of all the practices involved in architecture, including legal and financial terms.
  • Produce designs that demonstrate awareness and concern of the physical and environmental issues
  • The ability to present architectural designs clearly and confidently
  • Produce designs that show their knowledge of history and theories of architecture

Canadian University in Dubai

The bachelor of architecture at the Canadian University in Dubai is a five-year degree program. Students are offered many credit hours spread over semesters. It enables students to fulfill local professional registration while marching the licensing requirements of the international architectural association.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Architecture equips students with:

  • Creative and analytical skills
  • An understanding of all practices in Architecture
  • Knowledge of architectural and ethical values