“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

Heriot-Watt University

Bachelor of Science(HONS) in Computer Science (Software Engineering)

This is a four-year bachelor of science Computer Science degree with a specialization in Software Engineering. The course is oriented to constructing reusable systems. The course aims to teach students how to incorporate cutting-edge tools and techniques. Students are able to build valuable software tools useful to other system constructors.

The topics studied include an introduction to computer systems, Web design and databases. These topics are taught during the first year of study.

Students in a computer lab

In the second year, students get to study the following: 

  • Data structures 
  • Algorithms
  • Interaction design
  • Programming Language
  • Databases 
  • Web Programming
  • Software Engineering.

Students study the following: Data communications and Networking, Operating Systems, and Formal Aspects of Computing in the third year of study. At this point, students take part in a one-year group project.

In the fourth year, the studies get more advanced. Students study Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Intelligent Robots, and Advanced Network Securities. In addition to this, students must take part in a major individual software engineering project.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from this program get jobs with software firms, IT companies, research and development divisions of companies, or researchers.

English requirements

For non-native English speakers, it is mandatory to show proof of English language proficiency. The course is taught in the English language.

Master of Science Software Engineering

Course Overview

Software engineers create and maintain software applications while incorporating best practices from computer science, project management, engineering, and other fields.

In this course, students learn how to develop high-quality software using state-of-the-art techniques and methods.

This program aims to equip students with the necessary skills to work on software at very advanced levels. 

Students get a chance to specialize in areas such as mobile application development and interactive systems like games.

The MSc Software Engineering degree is accredited by BSC, which is a chartered institute of IT. The study program is also accredited by the relevant UAE ministry.

All graduates from this program receive a British degree accredited by the Royal Charter in the United Kingdom. The course tale two years for part-time students and a year for full-time students. 

Topics Taught

  • Rigorous methods for software engineering
  • Advanced Software Engineering
  • Research methods and project planning
  • Computer games programming
  • Project management
  • 3D graphics and animations

In addition to the courses taught, the students take part in a master’s project that ends in a dissertation.

Middlesex University Dubai

Bachelor of Engineering Computer Systems Engineering

Program Overview

The computer systems field has been growing very fast lately. This is seen through the visible impact on modern life. This course focuses on the engineering and integration of hardware and software systems that fulfill valuable purposes.

software engineering students dubai

Advantages of this Program

  • Successful students get a chance to enroll in the CISCO Academy and an opportunity to complete a CCNA course.
  • Students receive career coaching from experts.
  • Students develop critical  and problem-solving skills in professional ethics
  • Graduates from this program have higher chances of being hired by companies such as Microsoft and Dell
  • Students have an option of transferring their credits to campus in London

The British University in Dubai

Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering

Program overview

The bachelor’s degree teaches students how to navigate the software world. It equips its students with the software skills needed to succeed professionally. The program helps students to develop a deeper understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of software engineering.

Students also get a chance to experience real work situations by attending workshops and taking part in internships.

study software engineering in Dubai African students

Career Opportunities 

Graduates from this program may work as:

  • Data scientists
  • Research scientists
  • Business intelligence analysts
  • Software quality assurance tester
  • IT security analysts
  • Web developers