“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

Between 2008 and 2018, international student numbers in Canada tripled. Outperforming the other main world-class destination countries for studies – United States, UK, Australia, and France. There are good reasons to study in Canada. Here we have a look at some of the factors that have driven Canada’s popularity.

A Canadian Degree is internationally recognized

A degree or diploma acquired from a Canadian institution of higher learning is recognized worldwide. You will be allowed to work anywhere in the world with your degree or diploma from Canada. The world university rankings include many institutions from Canada. Your degree will be recognised by employers in every country in the world. Should you choose to study at a university in Canada, you will be giving yourself more options everywhere. 


Of all of the main destination countries for university studies, Canada is the only country that is officially bilingual. This means that students have an unrivaled choice of how their program is taught. You can choose from courses taught entirely in English, entirely in French, or a combination of the two. 

By being a bilingual country, Canada also has a strong appeal for African students coming from both Anglophone and Francophone countries.

Numerous work opportunities in Canada

The Canadian educational system is focused on preparing students for professional life. Both work in Canada and in other countries in the world. During your studies, you are allowed to take up part-time jobs to help supplement your budget. Unlike in the USA where you are often limited to finding on-campus jobs. In Canada you can easily work on- or off-campus.

Students can work up to 20 hours per week during term-time, and longer during vacations. This is a great way to get work experience in your field. Internships and student summer-jobs are common in Canada.

However, the most attractive work opportunities are reserved for graduates of Canadian colleges or universities. If your program of study exceeds 1 academic year, you can apply to work for up to 3 years in Canada. Canada also offers great opportunities for African students to stay longer-term through its positive immigration policies. 

Canadian workers enjoy very high standards of employment rights and salaries. Immigrating to Canada is a very popular option for many students from around the world. Canada offers an excellent quality of life to those who manage to gain permanent residency. Can

Scholarship opportunities

There are many scholarship opportunities for African students available in Canada. The Canadian government offers higher education scholarships while individual universities and colleges offer others.

Canada is Multicultural

The government of Canada aims to provide an inclusive environment for everyone. Peoples’ customs and traditions are respected in Canada. The country welcomes migrants and treats them well. The study permit process is fair and achievable for well-prepared candidates. 

Canada is safe

Canada is a safe country. Its laws are transparent but Canadian people are also very friendly and law-abiding. The country is also rarely affected by natural disasters. As a result, Canada is one of the safest countries you could study in. This is great news for your parents and wider family as they don’t need to worry about you!

Strong health care system

Every international student in Canada must purchase medical insurance and most Canadian citizens also take out insurance. This system of private healthcare means that medical facilities are top of the range. You will be well looked after if you do fall ill during your time in Canada.  

Tuition fees and living costs are affordable

Tuition fees at Canadian universities are affordable when compared to other major destination countries such as Australia, USA, or UK. 

Canada has a strong network of colleges that often offer high-quality education at a much cheaper rate than universities. Seed partner colleges such as Centennial College, Columbia College, and North Island College offer excellent value for international students.

The living costs outside the major cities (Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal) are very reasonable and affordable for students. All in all, when compared to other study abroad destinations, living costs in Canada are on the more affordable side. You have great opportunities to look for part-time work during your studies to help cover your day-to-day expenses.