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An MBA in Ireland takes two years and is offered both as a part-time and as a full-time program.

 Universities in Ireland aim to offer business administration MBAs to international students at affordable prices. Ireland is a favorite among African students. The cost of studying for an MBA is cheaper than in the USA or Canada.

Research has shown a business administration MBA professionals earn way more than their counterparts. With so many job opportunities in Ireland, no wonder many African students are settling for from Irish universities.

Universities in Ireland also offer EMBA, which is perceived as a superior form of an MBA. The participants of EMBA programs usually possess more years of experience and are generally older.

MBA students in Ireland

Top MBA fields in Ireland

MBA in Finance

Money in a Jar. African students in Ireland

This is one of the most chosen branches of the Master of Business Administration. The graduates can work in the insurance industry, stock exchange, financial consulting, and in the banking sector.

MBA in Marketing 

Students who get to choose an MBA in Marketing learn special skills. They get to understand the market and the consumers better.

MBA in Human Resource Management 

This branch equips students with knowledge on managing the demand and supply of labor markets. Students get to learn about emerging economies. They get to understand that the primary driving force behind an organization is its employees.

MBA in International Business 

Here students learn various technological functions, logistics, and supply and data analysis. A graduate in International business is mainly charged with the role of planning and organizing multiple processes in an organization.

Study Business Management in Ireland

MBA in Information Technology

MBA graduates in IT are equipped with essential and advanced skills in computer, Information systems, and business knowledge.

MBA in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is one that is constantly growing and advancing. The graduates get to understand logistics and business analytics. They learn skills and relationships needed in the supply chain management program.

Top MBA Colleges in Ireland

The MBA program at the University College Dublin’s Smurfit Business School ranks among the world’s topmost prestigious MBA programs. This was according to the Financial Times and The Economist.

Trinity College Dublin also ranks among the top 40 Business schools in Europe. This is according to the QS World University Rankings of 2021. This list presents some of the best MBAs in Ireland Universities. It is based on the latest QS World University Rankings

  • Trinity College Dublin’s MBA programs rank at position 77 worldwide. The program costs 37,700 Euros to complete. It takes a year to complete an MBA at Trinity College Dublin. For an EMBA, The price is the same, but the programs take twice the time to complete.
  • University College Dublin’s Smurfit Business school ranks among the top 120 MBA programs in the world. It costs a total of 34,00€ to complete. The duration for an MBA is one year. It also offers an Executive MBA at an affordable price.
  • The National University of Ireland Galway offers both MBA and EMBA programs. The MBA costs 31,000€ to complete a year’s coursework.
  • The University College Cork’s MBA program takes a year to complete. The university is known as Irelands leading research institute. The student population is around 19,000. 3000of those students are international students from different parts of the world. 

It costs 27,000€ to attain an MBA at University College Cork. The study environment at this university is very diverse, making it an ideal place for students to grow socially and academically.

  • The University of Limerick was established in 1972 but started in 1989. There are around 12000 local and international students in the university. 

It is a publicly funded university. Out of the 12000 students at Limerick, around 2000 students are international students. It offers EMBA’s that cost 33,444€ for two years.

  • The Technical University of Dublin also prides itself in offering one of the best MBA Programs in Europe. For 21,000€, International students can attain an MBA within two years.
  • The Griffith College and Dublin Business Schools are cheaper, offering MBA programs at 14,000€ and 12,500€.

Selection criteria for an MBA Degrees in Ireland

Master students that wish to study MBA in Ireland must meet the following requirements:

  • They should possess a Bachelors’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning in their home country.
  • Students must prove their English proficiency by taking a TOEFL or IELTS exam.
  • Most universities will ask for an interview for MBA students.
  • A certain level of work experience is needed to enroll for an MBA in Ireland. A minimum of 3 or 5 years is often compulsory to register for an MBA in Ireland.

Documents Required

  • A duly filled and admission application form
  • Copies of academic transcripts with their English translations
  • Scores of standardized exams to study in Ireland
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • CV or Resume
  • Copy of Passport
  • Payment of non-refundable application fee

Study in Ireland Ireland

Ireland Student Visa

All international students that wish to study in Ireland must apply for a student visa in their home countries. African students require a student visa type D in order for them to study and live in Ireland. Here are some of the requirements for a student visa:

  • A Medical insurance cover paper from any private medical insurance company.
  • Recent passport size photographs.
  • A copy of bank statements to prove that you can support yourself while studying in Ireland. 
  • Proof that will reflect that the sponsors are able to spend a nominal amount for your upkeep and fees.
  • A high score in IELTS or TOEFL English proficiency tests,
  • A letter to show that you have been accepted into a university in Ireland. Why Study MBA in Ireland
  • It is cheaper to pursue an MBA in Ireland than in many study-abroad destinations like the USA.
  • MBA graduates in Ireland are highly paid 
  • Ireland offers prestigious job opportunities to its MBA graduates. Ireland is the headquarter to companies like Apple, Air BnB, and LinkedIn. These companies provide job opportunities for many graduates.
  • After completing their MBA, African students can stay back for longer to look for jobs. Graduates can work in Ireland after their studies.
  • Ireland is a beautiful place with diverse cultures. A perfect environment for international students to learn and explore
  • Ireland welcomes all students from any part of the world. Irish people are very hospitable too.
  • The Irish government invests a lot of resources in its university programs. Attending a university in Ireland means that you benefit from a world-class education.

Most international students that apply for Irish student visas receive the visa. Remember, the Irish consulate in your country may want you to appear for a personal interview before issuing you a visa.