“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

Germany is among the most prestigious destinations to study and live in. Due to the quality of education, free tuition, and ready jobs for graduates. Most students find out that getting a part-time jobs alongside their studies is an excellent way to earn more cash to sustain themselves in Germany. It is a very typical experience for German students as well, and many of your classmates will do the same. 

The living cost in Germany is considered affordable by many international students. The estimated amount that an international student needs per month in Germany is around 861 Euros. 

Student Work Permit in Germany And What You Need to Know

  • Africans that study in Germany and want to get a part-time job must obtain a work permit and tax number so you can pay social security and pay taxes. 
  • You must make an application at the employment agency and the foreigners registration office in your area. The issuance of a work permit to students depends on the availability of jobs in your area of study.
  • International students from outside the EU are only allowed to work for up to 120 full working days per year or 240 half working days per year.
  • International students taking a language course (or university pathways course) cannot work during the normal academic year.
  • Internships, both paid and unpaid, also count as part of the 120 working days or 240 half working days per year allowed.
  • You are not allowed to take up self-employment or freelancing as an African student in Germany.

Students can work up to 20 hours per week during term-time and can work full-time during vacation periods, or semester breaks. 

Most student jobs in Germany tend to pay minimum wage, or a little above. Undergraduates can expect to earn around 450 EUR per month. If you have more experience, or are a little older, you may be able to earn more than 450 EUR per month. 

What Are My Work Options as An African Student in Germany?

The major types of work available for students in Germany are Part-time jobs, Summer or winter vacation jobs, Internships (Praktika), Volunteering, or Traineeships. 

Below is a list that will give you an insight into the available options for you as an African student in Germany.

You may work as 

  • Research assistant at the university for 11 – 12 EUR/hour
  • Office assistant for12 EUR/hour taking calls, checking emails for a company
  • Language tutor for 12 – 15 EUR/hour teaching English, if you are a native speaker in the language
  • Student Assistant – helping high-school students with private tutoring in particular subject areas
  • Kitchen, bar or wait staff at cafés, restaurants and a range of other food and drink places – around 7 EUR/hour  – the ‘classic’ student jobs and there are many available. 
  • Retail store shopping assistant for around 9 EUR/hour to help customers choose products they need. For this job, you will need excellent German communication skills.
  • You can babysit for 10 to 15 Euros an hour if you are familiar with children. 
  • Call center where you earn around 15 Euros per hour working as customer support. Excellent German skills are required for a job like this
  • Home delivery where you will work for around 11 Euros per hour to deliver food or goods to customers. 

If you are looking into getting more part-time jobs, it is best to look for universities in big cities like Berlin, Munich, Cologne, and Hamburg. The Federal employment agency is a good place to search for jobs. 

Where Do I Find Student Jobs in Germany?

There are many places where you can look  for a student job in Germany. You can ask at the foreigners office at the university. Some popular options include: 

The University Bulletin Board

In most universities, you will find boards on many hallways of the available student jobs with employers offering flexible jobs at reasonable rates. It is important to keep checking such bulletin boards as they are regularly updated.

University Career Centres

Most universities also have career centers to help students find a suitable job for them. They liaise with major industries and companies to help secure employment for their students. If you need help with your career choice, you may want to check out your university’s career center for use.

Online Job Portals

There are numerous online job portals where you, as a student, can search for a job. Employers constantly post available job positions for students to apply. These online portals post a list of the skills needed for the job to know which job best suits your skills and abilities.

Friends and Fellow Students

In case you are looking for a student job, ask around. Most of the time, it’s your classmates or friends who know the jobs that pay well or are available. Let the people around you know that you are looking for a job to alert you if a chance presents itself.

Ideas for making money online for students in Germany

  • Freelancing by working as an editor or translator
  • Copywriter
  • Blogging you can start a blog and turn your passion into money online
  • Affiliate Marketing by promoting and selling affiliate products