“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

We are all bound to make mistakes no matter how keen we are, and study abroad students are not exceptional. However, you should be aware of some of the mistakes to avoid repeating them just like your peers did. Read on to find out eight common mistakes study abroad students make.  
  • Not researching your host country

When you’re considering studying abroad, it’s important to start researching beforehand to avoid making costly mistakes. Find out about the culture, language, and customs of the place you will be living. The altitude and temperature of a specific location are something that should be taken into consideration when packing so you will be prepared. In addition to this, the country’s laws and customs are crucial. 
  • Afraid to get out of comfort zone

It would be best if you never stopped being curious when visiting a foreign country. Understand their beliefs, learn their rituals and customs, and try their food and clothes. While you’re at it, make new and lifelong friends. The whole point of being in a foreign country is to experience amazing adventures and learn new things.
  • Allowing fear to control you

Homesickness or fear should not stop you from taking advantage of opportunities. Make the best use of your time abroad while you have it. Get over phobias, put yourself out there, and embrace the challenge of new relationships. Let nothing hold you back.
  • Not learning the local language and phrases

Don’t assume people speak English everywhere. Take a language course while you are there and learn some basics before you go. Getting to know locals will give you a cool skill and make you more respected when you communicate perfectly with them.
  • Not making a budget

A weekly budget is necessary for eating out, drinking and transportation. A travel budget is also necessary for all those weekend excursions. Your study abroad needs to include a budget for souvenirs and presents for everyone else, including you.
  • Forgetting to journal your experiences

An adventurer needs a journal to document their experiences. This way, you’ll have something to refer back to. Begin by documenting your wonderful experiences. It would help if you took notes while immersed in the culture of the country you are visiting. Perhaps you will even discover your true self. You can be assured that this diary will be valuable in years to come.
  • Packing too many things

Pack only the things you actually need while you travel. Taking too much luggage is totally unnecessary. Keeping a checklist of all the things you need and those you can live without will help you reduce the amount of stuff you carry. Additionally, you can list some of the items you can buy from your host country once you arrive.
  • Not researching financial grants or scholarship opportunities

When searching for a study abroad program, most international students fail to search for scholarships and financial aids first. This should be your first step as it can greatly impact your savings and help offset some living abroad expenses. Scholarships and discounts are available from most study abroad agencies. Online is your best source for learning more about this. Besides, well-performing international students may be able to receive government grants.   Conclusion Don’t let the excitement of living and studying abroad make your life a whirlwind through some avoidable mistakes. In the few years you will live in a different country, enjoy them completely by embracing all the changes that are about to come. Make your study abroad experience one with no regrets.  

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