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Canadian traditions are a unique amalgamation of many cultures. Canadian have one of the best sites to see in the world and such a unique culture as well. Historically part of the country has been part of the French Empire and the other part has belonged to the British Empire. This francophone province has unique traditions that are not observed by the rest of Canada. More recently, proximity to the United States and the fact that Canada welcomes millions of immigrants from all over the world, but especially from Asia, have also diversified Canadian culture and traditions.  Check out 5 of these engaging traditions below.

Cottage Culture

For many international students who first move to Canada, the importance of spending weekends ‘up north’, seems a little different. The cottage, especially in Ontario and Alberta, evokes memories of summers spent on lakes, with crackling campfires, picturesque sunsets, and afternoons filled with boats and water sports. There are burgers and milkshakes, and you sit by a lake to listen to music with your friends who live up the road. It is a very Canadian experience. 

May 24

port stanley beach canada Victoria Day is the last Monday before May 25 and is also known as the“May Two-Four” in Canada. Queen Victoria’s birthday was initially celebrated the following day, but it was later transformed into an official Canadian Sovereign’s Day – yet for many Canadians, May 24 is the start of summer. And yes, you are likely to head to cottage country to open up your home and spend the summer sipping cold drinks in the sun.


It’s not just in the United States that people celebrate Halloween in a big wayit is also a main event in Canada. The Retail Council of Canada estimates that Halloween was a billion-dollar industry in Canada alone in 2014. In Vancouver, fireworks are only allowed on Halloween. Permits must be obtained and people must be over 19 years old. This tradition means that the city gets very noisy on Halloween night.


In Canada, turkey and pumpkin pie is always the focus of the meal Thanksgiving, which bears little resemblance to the American version. In contrast, it is always the second Monday in October and a statutory holiday across Canada, except in the Atlantic provinces. Thanksgiving has been observed over the years, but the Canadian Parliament declared its first official Thanksgiving Day on January 31, 1957, which fell on the second Monday in October.

The Calgary Stampede

This is the Calgary Stampede, an annual event that takes place every July in Calgary, Alberta. It celebrates the heritage, culture, and community spirit of the West. Over a million visitors from all over the world come to this event each year, which includes concerts, rodeos, rides, exhibitions, and agricultural competitions. It is one of Canada’s greatest traditions. There are many other intriguing Canadian traditions – Poutine, the wheel of fortune, apple picking, Pride, and the Canadian National Exhibition. We will get on to those in later articles!!