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Well, it can be much more difficult to take classes on the side if you work  full-time as an international student than as a domestic student. And the good news is that the Canadian government offers certain work permits for part-time students who meet the requirements, which allow them to work during and between semesters. Students can either choose to enroll full time or part time. Students in Canada have scheduled breaks during which they can look for side jobs.

The other good news is that Canada’s universities have deadlines in both September and January every year. Most universities will accept applications at any time during the year   but with this in mind, it can be an opportunity for students to set themselves apart if they plan ahead accordingly. Even though you have taken their preliminary courses first, many people choose this route because they get a better chance at a scholarship with these schools too.


Programs that do not need authorization to study part-time include:

University diplomas or certificates awarded by a public post-secondary institution. This includes, but is not limited to:

Diplomas/certificates that are required for access into another program at the same post-secondary institution; Diplomas/certificates that are recognized within the same field of studies

You do not need authorization to study part-time if you are:


Why you should consider working part-time

Note that before you apply for a part time job, you should apply for a study permit. You should also consider studying part-time, if you are an Intern with an offer for full time studies but wish to work part time as well. A lot of international students find it hard to decide if they want to pursue full-time or part-time studies because of the following reasons:

  • They need to dedicate more time to their language studies or their time course since they are not yet fluent in Canada’s official language
  • They have to pay higher tuition fees for full-time programs compared to part-time studies. However, there can be certain advantages from studying part time and these include: You will be able to work up to 20 hours weekly during the term; this can help you earn money for.

Advantages of working part-time

  • You have the opportunity to work with more professional organisations and increase your job prospects. You will also come across a wider range of career options, which may lead you down a different path towards achieving your future goals.
  • Education at university is not free. However, some universities offer concessionary rates for people looking to do full-time study and part-time work to cover their living costs. But many students can get an income from other activities while they study – such as sports betting, where you’ll need good odds and predictions in order to win consistently among all online bookies. For any sport event that is happening live, considering on betting tips would be suitable like The Rugby


  • Your tuition fees can be lower if you study part time, you can take classes more quickly as compared to full-time students. If your program is eligible for an on-campus work permit, you may even get a job. If your program allows it, you will have the option to study abroad in another country that accepts International certificates. This makes it easier to graduate at home and get certified there too while living abroad.
  • International students cannot only work and study, but they’re also able to experience new cultures and a whole new way of life! It is especially important to check whether your program allows you to work off-campus. If it is not, then there’s a good chance you will have to drop out of your program, as the on-campus opportunities that come with studying abroad are great!

Canada Work Permit

Students who complete their undergraduate or postgraduate studies are eligible to work. They may apply for a post graduation work permit PGWP. 

In order to work after you finish your post graduation program, you need to apply for a work permit. You can do so by filling the visa officer instructions form and visa application. African students do not have to leave Canada after completing their course load.


One of the best ways to learn about a country and culture is through living there. Canada is one of the best countries globally for international students to experience higher education abroad. A student allows you to work on campus at Canadian universities or off-campus after completing their programs. International students can also stay in Canada.