“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

Of course, most university degrees in Germany are taught in German. But with that being said, ‘yes’, African students can study in Germany in English. 

Some universities in Germany offer bachelor’s degrees and postgraduate degrees in English, but not many. These are mainly expensive private universities that charge tuition fees. They generally have higher admission requirements. 

To try and attract more foreign students, German Universities offer some masters programs in English. However, it is virtually impossible for students to study bachelor programs in English. 

Any student who wishes to study at any public university in Germany, including universities of applied sciences, must have a minimum German level. German language fluency is rarely attainable during the first few months of arrival, which is why you will have to do a pathways course before starting your degree course. 

And what would be the point of going to a country where you do not even learn enough of the local language to use public transport without issues? 

How to study at a German university in English

Before submitting your application to study in Germany, it is very important to determine if it is possible to transfer your credits or take a new study program. You can do this using the Anabin Database, which contains a complete list of foreign degrees and diploma and their German equivalent. Of course, the Seed team is on hand to support you as well. 

If you choose to study in English, your choices will be minimal. Besides having a limited selection of courses, you will have to pay tuition fees to access English-taught systems. It is not really possible to study for free on degree courses that are taught in English.

While it is true that there are over 60 universities that offer courses that are taught in English, these are mainly master degrees. Undergraduate students who want to study in English are better to consider an English-speaking country. 

Most African students are attracted to study in Germany by free tuition and low living costs. Many people get an idea in their head that it is possible to take advantage of this and study in English. It really is not. 

Eurasia Institute

Eurasia institute in the capital of Berlin offers courses that aim to prepare students to join universities in Germany. For African students looking to benefit from free education in Germany, most will have to complete a foundation programme first.

A key positive of taking pathways with the Eurasia Institute for your language and foundation course, is that the Institute has partnered with several universities in Germany. Once you finish your foundation course, you will be assisted in your application process to any university of your choice in any state. 

Whether in the medical, social sciences or law fields, no matter the program you want to enroll for at a university in Germany, get in touch with the Eurasia Institute to receive the help you need.

In addition to adequately preparing students for the task ahead, the Eurasia Institute also assists international students with the following: 

  • University conditional offer letter
  • Visa documentation
  • Visa support
  • Intensive language preparation course
  • Preparation for university entrance exam
  • Individual advisory service and counseling for final admission to the university
  • Accommodation reservation.

African students are highly encouraged to try their level best to learn German. For those enrolling in English-taught programs, universities usually assist such students by offering translated admission materials. Many German universities have German language courses where students are advised to enroll for once in Germany. You also have an alternative of registering for a German course at a language school.

Seed Educational Consulting strongly recommends that anyone who has dreams of studying in English should go to an English-speaking country. If you go to study abroad in Germany you should learn to speak German.