“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

Germany ranks among the most sought-after study abroad destinations for African students. Often referred to as the land of ideas and opportunities. Over the past years, Germany has become an economic and academic powerhouse due to its high quality and free undergraduate and postgraduate education.

There are numerous tuition-free universities for everyone to choose from. No matter your nationality, you can access quality education in most public universities in Germany.

Most of the universities funded by the state offer free higher education programs. However, such programs may attract a certain amount of tuition fees.

Who can study in Germany for free?

Free education in Germany is available to everyone. Nationality or cultural background doesn’t matter, and including African students can study in Germany for free.

This applies to most of the programs offered at public universities. However, for students from outside the European Union, you are required by law to obtain a study visa in a resident permit at the German consulate in your country to enable you to live and study in Germany.

Universities in Germany that offer free education

You can study in almost all public universities in Germany for free. With more than 300 higher learning institutions and more than 1000 study programs to choose from, there is always a course for everyone to choose from regardless of their field of study.

Why is Education in Germany free?

Germany is the only country that opens its doors to students from all over the world to benefit from their world-class education at no cost at all. It is not always the case across the globe. Most universities, for example, in the US or the UK, charge extra fees to African students.

So you ask yourself why do Germans offer free education to all and sundry? Germans have a belief that education should be accessible to everyone. The Germans understand the importance of educating its masses for a better economy and its people’s welfare. 

Except for Baden Wurttemberg state, which introduced tuition fees to international students, all other public universities charge nothing. Free higher education is Germany’s way of attracting the most brilliant minds. The country even offers graduates from different parts of the world a chance to get jobs after their studies to ensure that the most intelligent minds remain behind. It is purely political, so to say.

Does tuition-free mean low-quality education?

Not a chance! Universities in Germany rank among the best globally. Their universities are equipped with a state of the art research equipment and libraries and are easily accessible to all students. The German government maintains strict education standards in all is universities by holding all universities accountable. Tuition-free is just a political strategy by the German government to ensure that they keep the most intelligent students. Acquiring a bachelor’s or undergraduate degree from any university in Germany will open more doors for you in the career world and increase your chances of getting hired. There are so many benefits that come with acquiring a degree from Germany, and learning a new language and culture is one of them.