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Best Universities in Canada to Study Computer Science

The global need for skilled computer scientists is on the rise in the world today. Fields such as artificial intelligence, computer graphics, information scientific research, cloud computing, and analytics continue to grow.

Canada’s major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Waterloo are all emerging as significant tech hubs in North America. In addition, Canadian Universities are a famous study abroad destination amongst African students due to its low cost of tuition.

For computer science students that wish to study computer science at the university, the following list will likely help. This list names a few of the top universities in the world that offer degrees in computer science. It includes programs in related fields to undergraduate students as well as Master’s students.

University of Windsor

Program Offered: Bachelor of Computer Science in Applied computing.

This program is more hands-on than what’s offered elsewhere, and you’ll have lots of opportunities to network with industry leaders. You’ll find a job in your chosen field within two years of graduation.

Bachelor of Science

The University of Windsor offers Bachelor of Science in areas including: Artificial Intelligence, Game Development, Networks and Security

Program Offered: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with (Software engineering).

Program Overview: In this program, you will develop the hard skills you’ll need for creating, designing and maintaining software. 

Program Offered: Business Administration and Computer science

Overview: The combination of STEM and business in this program emphasize technology in a business setting. This program offers hands-on learning and many networking opportunities. The program gives students a competitive edge in the worlds of computer programming, gaming, banking, pensions and more.

Program Options: Accounting, Human Resources, International Business, Finance, Supply Chain and Business Analytics, Marketing and Strategy.

Centennial College, Ontario

Centennial College is proud to be a part of a rich history of education. Founded in 1966, it is Ontario’s second largest College with more than 170 programs situated across the city of Toronto.

Offered: Bachelor of Information Technology( Computer and Communication Networks) 

Program overview

The Ministry of Colleges and Universities specifically selected Centennial College to deliver an applied science program. The program addresses the province’s critical need for networking professionals. Centennial is the only  institution in Ontario to offer a bachelor degree in Computer and Communication Networks program.

During the four years you’ll spend in this School of Engineering Technology, and Applied Science. You will study a unique blend of technology and business subjects. A hands-on approach will ensure an innovative balance between the practical and theoretical backgrounds employers are seeking. 

Learning from highly qualified professors who hold industrial certifications and advanced academic credentials. Students are able to specialize in the design of wireless networks and security networking.

Program Offered: Software Engineering Technology- Artificial Intelligence 

Program Overview

Students in the Artificial Intelligence program will learn to create intelligent agents. The agents can infer, reason, discover knowledge from data, perform actions like making the right decisions and interacting with humans.

Program Offered: Computer Systems Technology

The Computer Systems Technician – Networking program, offered in a two-year delivery format. The program will allow you to enter the job market quickly.

The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, experience and theoretical background. This knowledge is necessary for employment opportunities in computer systems, networking and software development. For example, networking technicians can develop, install and maintain local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), and external network connections. They are also able to transmit information throughout buildings or across continents.

Centennial College in Ontario, Canada, also offers other top courses like Computer Programming, Cyber Security and Computer Repair and Maintenance.

Columbia College

Columbia is a Canada Study Abroad Association (CSAA) accredited member institution of Colleges. The College organizes student exchanges in over 30 countries. The countries include: Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America for academic term and summer.

Program Offered: Associate of Science Degree in Computer Science

Program Overview

The Associate of Science Degree in Computer Science provides students with knowledge of the principles and science that underlie computing. It also prepares students to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field. • 

The program emphasizes an understanding of the principles of computer science. The principles include: statistics, programming methodology and design, data structures, computer architecture, operating systems and networking. It includes laboratory experiences in which students have opportunities to apply what they have learned to real problems. Additionally, students taking Computer Science as a second major will be required to do senior projects or Senior Thesis.

North Island College

North Island College is a comprehensive community college that focuses on student success. The University proudly serves more than 9,000 students annually through it’s learning centre and through online learning.

Program Offered: Computer Information systems. 

Information systems skills are valued in nearly every business and industry. Graduates with a Computer Information Systems certificate can find employment in a range of areas. Graduates may also choose to pursue further study. You will learn about the essential elements of modern information systems, including hardware, software, and networking.

North Island College also offers a short engineering foundation certificate to guarantee admission into a computer engineering degree.

Other Top Universities that offer programs in Computer Science to international students. 

University of British Columbia school of Computer Science., University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Alberta and the University of Waterloo. The list above will help you in making an informed decision when selecting universities for computer science in Canada.