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Turkish cuisine is most likely associated with Kebab,a dish known locally as Kebap,and many visitors aspire to find the best kebab shop, where they can enjoy freshly grilled meat skewers . In this guide you will find the best kebab restaurants in Istanbul. Especially enjoy different kebabs like döner kebab, adana kebab or chishe kebab. 
  1. Hamdi

Six-story restaurant overlooking Eminönü Square and the Golden Horn, Hamdi is a must-see when visiting the Sultanahmet due to its huge sign and ownership of an entire building. Whichever way you order it, you won’t be disappointed with the food served at Hamdi. Remember to book and ask for a table at the window so you can enjoy the beautiful landscape.
  1. Beyti

In 1945 BeytiGüler,current owner of the company, was founded by his father. Things have changed considerably since then, with Beyti having gone from a few tables to a two-story restaurant with an Ottoman aesthetic. Beyti’s menu satisfies all appetites, whether it’sfamous kebab Beyti’sor a tender entrecote.
  1. Zübeyir

This copper-hood grill restaurant is popular for its kebabs prepared in front of your eyes. As cozy and warm as a friend’s living room rather than a restaurant, the three floors of Zübeyir combine wooden tables and lively conversation all around. I often go there with a large group of friends, to eat rak and munch on lamb meat and gavarda salatas (a salad of finely diced onions and tomatoes).
  1. Çiya Kebap

One of the most popular restaurants on the Asian side, Çiya is not only known for its dishes that represent the different cuisines of Anatolia but also for its excellent kebab. Two restaurants serve the same good food next to each other, both offering daily specials displayed either cafeteria style or on the extensive menu. At Çiyathere are many kebab options, including Soan Kebab (roasted shallot and pomegranate syrup kebab) with over 30 varieties of kaşar, iya Kebab, samosa, and many more. .
  1. Develi

Founded in 1912, Develi is anotherinstitution kebab that serves excellent entrees like içli köfte (crispy bulgher dumplings stuffed with minced meat) and Fistik Kebab (pistachio kebab) is a favorite of the house, which traders claim invented it. For dessert, don’t miss the excellent baklava, which has also made Develi a popular name in Istanbul.
  1. Gaziantep Burc Ocakbasi

This is an ideal stop to taste delicious eggplants and skewers from Urfa. And you will be able to enjoy such flavor while visiting the Grand Bazaar. The simple queue in front of the door will make you realize the exquisite tastes of the dishes of this place. Gaziantep Burc is located at Ocakbaşı Grand Bazaar. Ocakbaşı, where you can easily find it by walking through the bazaar, is on Perdahcılar Street.   The kebab restaurants in Turkey listed above are just a sample of a long list.