“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

The International Foundation programme is for International students that have completed high school in their home country and who wish to pursue their Bachelor degree at a UK university. Unless you have completed A-levels, the International Baccalaureate (IB) or a French Bac (as opposed to an Ivorian, Senegalese, etc. Bac) then you will need a Foundation programme first to qualify for admission to a UK Bachelor degree.

Reason To Study Foundation Courses in The United Kingdom

  • As stated above, for most African students, including those who have taken the high school exams of their home country (WAEC, Bac, etc.), a Foundation course is a compulsory step before joining a Bachelor degree
  • A Foundation course includes advanced Academic English classes, allowing non-native speakers of English to achieve the required language proficiency for successful study within a UK university 
  • The development of academic study skills in a supportive environment will give you the tools needed to do well in your Bachelor programme – study skills that will be developed include note-taking skills for lectures, essay writing and more.
  • Access to many great universities – a strong performance in a Foundation course can help international students to be accepted at many of the UK’s top-ranked universities!
  • Reduced culture shock 
  • Develop complex problem-solving skills

Foundation Courses at King’s 

Kings Education is a private organization running Foundation programmes in four different campuses – London, Brighton, Bournemouth and Oxford. It prides itself on a nurturing environment with very small classes (typically 8-10 students) which ensures lots of interaction between teachers and individual students.  

Reasons Why You Should Study at King’s

  • Students who graduate from a foundation course at King’s are guaranteed entry into a UK university.
  • Kings offers Foundation programmes for many different areas of study including Art & Design, Business, Law, Architecture, Engineering, Computer Science & IT, Social Sciences and Medicine
  • Student support at King’s is outstanding. Every student has access to a personal tutor and a program coordinator. You will have access to welfare advisors throughout your study period.
  •  The Kings Advanced Level Foundation programme is based on the UK A-level curriculum but with international students and non -native speakers in mind. Its rigorous approach ensures that graduates of the programme are ready to thrive in their chosen university
  • Kings offers Foundation programmes guaranteeing access into a specific university (such as their University of Bristol pathway) or, through their Advanced Level Foundation, students can apply to almost any UK university, including the majority of the UK’s Top 30 universities
  • Through Seed, academically strong students may be eligible for tuition scholarships of up to 25% off the Foundation programme tuition at Kings!

Pathways at King’s

The Foundation programme (or pathways) aims to help its students develop essential knowledge and skills in a subject area relevant to their intended Bachelor degree. It will also introduce you to the UK education system and improve your academic English.    Kings recognize that sometimes even the brightest minds need extra preparation before embarking on an academic journey in the UK.  The program is suitable for those who have achieved average high school grades and also for those with outstanding high school results. Upon successful completion of the programme, you may join almost any of the UK’s world-class universities!