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Benefits of Studying in Ireland

Coupled with one of the best education systems globally, Ireland has been an attractive study abroad location among African students. Ireland was named as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its unique culture makes it desirable for students wishing to pursue their undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.

 Ireland is located on the UK’s west coast and borders the Atlantic ocean. The Republic of Ireland is home to the top universities in the world that offer world-class education. The University College Dublin ranks high up among the leading universities according to the QS World University rankings 2020.

Here are some of the reasons for you to choose an Irish university for your higher education. You will increase your chances of getting employed and make global connections.

High-Quality Education

The Education system in Ireland is one of the best in Europe. Education is a significant force in the fast-growing economy in Irelands. Most universities in Ireland rank among the best globally. 


They offer prestigious study programs ranging from medicine, science, technology, engineering, business, law, languages, literature, history, philosophy, and psychology. Every student will always find a course that is best suited to their needs academically.


Ireland is also home to some great universities. Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin rank high according to the world according to the 2021 QS World University Rankings. University College Dublin, National University Ireland, and Galway also make it to the top universities globally. All these universities have earned their rightful place in this list by ensuring quality education to their students. Students in Ireland are only promised the best. Studying in Ireland’s education institutions will equip you with skills that will get you jobs anywhere in the world.

Low Tuition Fees

As compared to other cities like New York or London, tuition fees in Irish universities are much lower. Undergraduate courses cost between 9,850 – 55,000 EUR/year for post-graduate Masters, and Ph.D. courses cost between 9,950 – 35,000 EUR/year.

There other charges for all African students, like 3000 Euros per year for student services. Fees paid for such activities vary from one university to another. It is better to look at the university website for more information.

Compared to many other nations in the world, accessing university education is cheaper. For example, Dublin is a less expensive city to study and live in than its neighbors London. Dublin is the place to be for students with a tighter budget and less to spend daily. Here you will find cheap accommodation that caters to students.


Work opportunities for African Students in Ireland

There are numerous job opportunities for graduates in Ireland. Most big companies with headquarters in Ireland employ graduates. Such companies’ availability makes it possible for students to access a wider choice of job opportunities after finishing their studies.

Like other international students, African students get a chance to apply for work permits during or after their studies. Post-graduate students are allowed to earn as they study. They can take up part-time jobs, making it easy for them to finance their education in Ireland.

Learn One of Europe’s Most Dynamic Languages

The English language is the national language in Ireland. Studying in Ireland and interacting with the locals will make you hone your English speaking skills fast. You will learn grammar rules, and with time, you will be fluent in the language. 

Irish universities offer their students a chance to improve their academic English before enrolling in any degree program. Learning academic English will prove to be very beneficial in the long run.

Seed partner DIFC

offers International Foundation Year programs in 4 main areas

  • Business (including Law) 
  • Science 
  • Engineering
  • Medicine / Health Science


Within these four broad areas of studies, there are many different combinations of courses. This means students can qualify for hundreds of different majors.

For most African students, successful completion of a Foundation programme is a pre-requirement before being admitted into a university in Ireland or the UK.

During a foundation programme, students will achieve the level of English required to enter university. You will leave Ireland with the ability to speak English and if you are lucky – some Irish Gaelic too! 

A Beautiful, safe, and friendly country

Ireland is unlike any other place on earth. Beautiful landscapes with picturesque scenery, famous Irish hospitality, and rich culture of music, and sport. Of course – pubs are an integral part of Irish culture as well. 

Traditional Irish sports such as hurling and gaelic football are very popular. We recommend taking the opportunity to go to one of the big games. Rugby is also very popular in Ireland; as is football. The climate is variable, but Irish people socialise outdoors anyway. 

Legend says Dublin has a pub for every 100 people – but this is not true. It’s one pub for every 1700 people – still a lot of pubs! Your main objective is to study hard, but the Irish are very friendly and going to pubs is a great opportunity to improve your English. It is very common to hear some wonderful traditional Irish music in pubs, a great way to take a break from studying.  

Travel around Europe

Ireland is now the major English-speaking country in the European Union. A Schengen visa will allow you to easily travel between Dublin and a very wide number of cities around Europe. As the home of RyanAir, one of the world’s top budget airlines, Dublin airport is busy and travel is usually reasonably priced. Studying in Ireland is a great way to travel and see all the European capitals a weekend at a time.