“Your talent is a seed; cultivate it, and in no time, you will harvest successMatshona Dhliwayo, Zimbabwean philosopher

Who is Seed Educational Consulting?

Seed Educational Consulting is a pan-African study abroad agency and digital resource. Our objective is to provide relevant information, advice, and counseling to help young Africans benefit from educational opportunities abroad.

Why are we different from other educational agencies?

Seed Educational Consulting is a company dedicated to African students​

Our project is new, but we have 50+ years of combined experience in counseling students about universities abroad.​

Our core values are to promote growth - personal, academic, and professional​.

We have hand-picked our partner colleges and universities for African students. We believe they offer the best opportunities for students looking to study abroad.

Seed Educational Consulting provides more than university advice.

We know all about the countries, cities, and customs abroad. Our African Study Abroad blog is filled with knowledge to help you decide on your dream study abroad experience. There are many contributions from students past and present.

Career advice is offered by Seed Educational Consulting as part of our service for African students. For students who return home to branch out into business, we are also more than happy to offer recommendations.

As the testimonies of our students show, Seed Educational Consulting helps guide your path forward.

What You Say

It’s always important to take advice from people you can trust – those students we have helped in the past!

The Seed Educational Consulting Team

Simon Gooch Seed Education Director and Founder
Mr. Simon Gooch

Founder & Director

With 20 years of study abroad counselling experience, including 10 years in Africa, Simon is fortunate to have spent time in 21 African countries and hopes to get to the remaining 33 one day! He speaks English and French.

Mr. Credo De Souza

Lead Consultant

Based in Togo and bilingual in English & French. Credo has helped many West-African students embark on their dream studies abroad over the last 10 years. Credo is also our chief translator of documents for visa applications.

Mr. Paul Delaney

Marketing Director

Paul works with our teams to help bring useful study abroad information to students all over Africa. He speaks English, Spanish and just about enough Portuguese to answer emails from Lusophone countries! 


Seed Partner Universities & Colleges

Seed Educational Consulting is proud to represent the following institutions. They are hand-picked for African students. There are options to suit every budget.  We have strong relationships with each of our partners cannot wait to tell you more about them!


Start your study abroad journey today

Our team of expert counselors is on-hand to help you to choose the right path for you.


The Seed Education Consulting website has been written, designed, and built for African students

The Seed project is all about promoting growth and development through education – your personal growth but, in time, we also hope that you will bring back your newly acquired skills and knowledge to aid the development and growth of your home country, and Africa in general. To help you achieve those goals, we can help you to find the right university courses abroad or online.

Seed Educational Consulting also aims to create development opportunities for African digital marketers. Several of the team are past and present African study abroad students. All of the team are sharing their experiences and skills to help the study abroad students of the future. 

If you are a African digital marketer with a study abroad background, we’d love to hear from you!


Seed Educational Consulting Digital Team

Expert young marketers from around Africa

Webp.net-resizeimage (8)
Ms. Ariane Kamitche

Editor & Translator

Nationality: Ivorian
Languages: French & English

Ms. Lilian Greitbauer

SEO Content Writer & Editor

Nationality: Kenyan
Languages: English, German, Swahili, French, Ekegusii & Kikuyu

Screenshot 2021-03-31 at 02.35.48
Mr. Joel Donfak​

Web Designer & Developer

Nationality: Cameroonian
Languages: English, French & Pidgin

Mr. Jean Houngtongbe​

SEO Content Writer

Nationality: Beninese
Languages: French, English & Fon

Mr. Kevin Kamau

SEO Content Writer 

Nationality: Kenyan
Languages: English & Swahili

Ms. Sweetest Houé

SEO Content Writer 

Nationality: Ivorian
Languages: French & English 

Mr. Aymane AK Hiri

SEO Content Writer

Nationality: Moroccan
Languages: English, French & Arabic

Chidera SEO Writer
Mr. Chidera Anushiem

SEO Content Writer

Nationality: Nigerian
Languages: English, Ibo


Seed Educational Consulting Story

Seed Educational Consulting was set up in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic by two British males, Simon Gooch and Paul Delaney. Yes, we know what it looks like – two white guys looking to make money in Africa. Nothing new there, or is there? Let us introduce the core principles that underpin our business:


We are a for-profit organisation with a conscience

Yes, we do want to make money. However, we want to build long-term relationships with our clients who see and understand the value that we give, the professionalism of our services, and who are happy to recommend us to their friends and family.

We believe in the rich potential of Africa’s youth

Simon Gooch, Seed’s founder, has spent 10 years traveling around much of Africa, attending study abroad fairs, and visiting schools and universities. Over that time he has talked to thousands of parents and prospective students and he has been able to help hundreds of students to study in the USA, Canada, and UK.

Almost without exception, he has seen those students flourish and grow during their studies abroad. He is always pleased to receive messages from contacts at Seed partner institutions expressing how delighted they are with the students that we have sent them: hard-working, studious but always ready to participate fully in campus life.

Life in Africa can be very hard and there are many aspects of life that could and need to be improved. We also see huge challenges ahead, such as climate change and a fast-growing population, that have the potential to knock Africa back in the future. However, we also see a thirst for knowledge, a desire to make things better and an ingenuity ready to be harnessed among Africa’s youth.

Seed, in its own small way, hopes to help unleash that potential.


We want to promote African talent

From the outset of the project, we have explored and continue to explore ways to engage and employ young African talent to help the growth of Seed, whether that is the design of our website, writing and producing blog and social media content, or even acting as ambassadors who represent Seed’s study abroad opportunities to other interested students.


We are not an apolitical organization

We stand shoulder to shoulder with people who want to break down barriers and promote education and equality for all, irrespective of nationality, gender, religion, or anything else used to discriminate.

We believe in opening up opportunities for young African students that the youth in many other parts of the world take for granted. To that end, Seed Educational Consultancy pledges to donate a fixed percentage of all profits to causes that we believe in and that will help improve the lives of Africans now, and for future generations. In the months and years ahead we plan to update you on these commitments.

In addition, if you feel that you have something to contribute to Seed, please write to us at info@seededucational.com. Yes, Seed’s Directors may appear to be pale, stale, and male but we aim for an inclusive, welcoming and respectful environment that will enable you to thrive and develop.