Is the German language necessary to study in Germany?

German is the language of instruction at most universities and on most degree programmes in Germany. You must know the German language if you intend to study at a public university there.  Students who plan on taking a course or degree taught in German must meet language requirements. You can demonstrate your German proficiency by […]

Scholarships to Study in Germany

You can study in Germany for free since all public universities do not charge tuition fees. This regulation came into effect in October 2014. It applies to all federal states with an exemption of Baden-Württemberg, which charges tuition fees to all non-EU citizens. The cost is way affordable compared to what other study abroad destinations […]

Can I study in Germany for free?

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Germany ranks among the most sought-after study abroad destinations for African students. Often referred to as the land of ideas and opportunities. Over the past years, Germany has become an economic and academic powerhouse due to its high quality and free undergraduate and postgraduate education. There are numerous tuition-free universities for everyone to choose from. […]

Best courses to study in UK

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The United Kingdom is home to many globally renowned universities. For decades, many African students, especially those coming from English-speaking countries, lean towards studying in the UK for its high-quality education standards.  International students who earn degrees in the UK have better access to well-paid and attractive jobs in their home countries. British education aims […]

Can I study in Germany in English?

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Of course, most university degrees in Germany are taught in German. But with that being said, ‘yes’, African students can study in Germany in English. Some universities in Germany offer bachelor’s degrees and postgraduate degrees in English, but not many. These are mainly expensive private universities that charge tuition fees. They generally have higher admission […]

11 Dishes to Try in Turkey

Visiting Turkey allows you to experience the diversity and longevity of Turkish food, as well as the legacy of the imperial cuisines of this country. So there is no doubt that it is one of the best cuisines in the world. The 11 best Turkish foods presented next should help you get a good idea […]

10 Reasons to study in Ireland

Ireland is known for the friendliness of its people, but also for its excellent higher education system. It is one of the best choices for international students. In this article, we list 10 reasons to study in Ireland. Quality of Irish Education Higher education in Ireland is excellent. Its universities are among the best universities […]

Undergraduate study in Germany

You have finally made Germany your destination of choice and ready to undertake your undergraduate degree in Germany. Germany, also known as a land of ideas and opportunities, is a favorite among African students.  Germany is gaining more fame as a study abroad destination because it welcomes international students from all over the world. Germany […]

11 Ways to Make Friends When Studying Abroad

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You just landed in a new country, thousands of miles away from home. It’s a new environment with different cultures and ways of life altogether. You most probably don’t even know where the nearby supermarket or pharmacy is located. You can ask the locals for directions all the time, but imagine if you had a […]

Best Kebab shops in Istanbul

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Turkish cuisine is most likely associated with Kebab,a dish known locally as Kebap,and many visitors aspire to find the best kebab shop, where they can enjoy freshly grilled meat skewers . In this guide you will find the best kebab restaurants in Istanbul. Especially enjoy different kebabs like döner kebab, adana kebab or chishe kebab.  […]

Best Cities to Study in Germany


Germany has earned its place among the top study abroad destinations in the world. Universities in Germany offer world-class education at no cost at all. Yes, that’s right! Students get to study in public universities for free.  There is always something new for African students to discover, from the beautiful castles to Germany’s rich history. […]

Canadian Traditions for international students

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Canadian traditions are a unique amalgamation of many cultures. Canadian have one of the best sites to see in the world and such a unique culture as well. Historically part of the country has been part of the French Empire and the other part has belonged to the British Empire. This francophone province has unique […]